Popular Casino Bonuses: The Bigger the Better?

Since the most effective factors that drive new players to the True blue casino no deposit page are the bonuses, they have become the most essential marketing tool for internet casino websites. The number of new clients you can lure to your casino website is directly proportional to the size of the bonuses you offer. It is always the bigger, the better. Now, when you are new to casino gaming, one of the major hurdles you will face is how and where to fish out the best and biggest bonuses. However, you will always find the best in the top casinos, but before you choose any, some indices will determine whether it is among the bigger and better.


How to Know How Valuable a Bonus Is

One of the things you need to learn is that a bonus is not just better because of the amount of money it promises to offer. The value of every bonus is determined by the other factors and conditions surrounding it. To determine the value of any of the offers, you have to check the size of the bonus against the minimum deposit required to qualify for the bonus and the wagering conditions. You also need to check the validity period of the offer, the free spins on it, the minimum withdrawal requirements, and other payout conditions. A cumulative of these factors will determine what you will gain from the offer. A bonus offer that comes with a very high wager requirement and stringent cash-out rules may be worthless, no matter the size. Having said this, we will take a look at the 3 most popular casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses

These are among the most popular bonuses you will find in online casinos out there. Since these offers are for marketing purposes, the sites use them to lure in prospective players. The welcome offers come in different modes, and they run for a longer period than all the other bonuses. Below are the three types of bonuses involved in the welcome package.

  • A no deposit bonus: in most casinos, the first welcome offer will come in the form of a small amount of money with no conditions attached. It comes with no deposit obligation from the player. It could be $5 or $10, which the player can wager with and withdraw the winnings straight away. This is given for the player to test the casino without any financial obligation.
  • An initial deposit bonus, that comes within the welcome package. This normally stretches till the 3rd deposit. Most casinos give this as a certain percentage match of any amount deposited in the first, second, and third attempts. It could offer a 100% match on the 1st deposit, a 200% match on the 2nd deposit, and a 50% match on the 3rd deposit. In the end, this welcome bonus may deliver up to $5000 to the player. However, this depends on the amount they deposit at each interval. It usually comes with wagering requirements and some withdrawal conditions.
  • Free spins: the third offer that is also part of the welcome bonuses. Most of the casinos also include some amount of free spins for real money pokies for new players. To help them start strong, they are given the leverage of enjoying some slot spins free of charge. It could be 100 or 50 free spins meant for a particular slot. However, it usually comes with some conditions. So, you have to study them well before you pick one.

High Roller Bonus

This is the next biggest bonus you will find in any online casino. Many people see it as the offer that goes to the whales of the casino industry. As such, it also comes in the form of offerings. Players that wager big sums of money get these bonuses as rewards. When they regularly transfer large amounts into and out of the system regularly, courtesy demands that they should be appreciated with large bonuses. The casinos do this to show appreciation and to get them to stick with them.

They use the offers to get them to keep being loyal to their brand. The bonuses are usually very special and may come in the form of an increase in the value of any amount they deposit. It could also be speedy withdrawals, live support, lower wagering requirements, and other personalized gifts and cash offers. This does not require an immediate deposit. You qualify for it through a series of large deposits. It may also not come with stringent wagering requirements and tight validity periods, making the value increase further.

Reload Bonuses

This is another set of popular casino bonuses that may deliver huge amounts to players. The reason why people believe that it delivers higher value is that it usually does not come with immediate deposit requirements. It might also have lighter wagering requirements. Casinos offer these reload bonuses a certain percentage of the amount lost by the casino player in a given period. The casino may calculate the amount of money you’ve wagered and lost in a week and decide to give you back a 30% to wager with freely.

So, you will normally have large amounts of money as reload bonuses. This usually goes to regular players. To gain this, you do not need to make an immediate deposit. Also, it may not come with the type of tight validity period that other bonuses come with. That’s why many people see it as a very valuable offer.


No casino website that wants to grow its player base will take the bonuses for granted. Players take a critical look at bonus offers from casinos before they choose to play with them or not. Some even go around shopping for bonuses. So, the value of what you offer will determine how many players you can attract. The welcome bonuses are the most popular, and the biggest. So, if you want to lure real players in, you will need to offer a very valuable welcome package. 

Some players may register, use the bonus and run away, but many will stay if you offer valuable gaming. Players should also consider all the details mentioned above while shopping for casinos and bonuses. The immediate size of the offer does not make it bigger or better. It is only big and better when the conditions surrounding it are okay. As a player, you have to scrutinize the final value before you choose one. This is because some casinos might cunningly use big and bogus offers to lure you in, while the conditions make them completely worthless. Do not fall for it.