SWTOR: Veteran Mode for Flashpoint: Elom now on PTS

The Public test servres for Star Wars: The old Republic has been updated wieht new goodies. Players can now test and give initial feedback on the Veteran Mode for the Elom Flashpoint.

As a reminder, the following content is available on PTS for players to experience.

Combat Styles:

  • Guardian
  • Sentinel
  • Sniper
  • Operative
  • Assassin
  • Sorcerer
  • Mercenary
  • Powertech
  • Juggernaut
  • Marauder
  • Sage
  • Scoundrel
  • Vanguard


For more details on what is currently available on PTS, check out our Legacy of the Sith Status Update forum post:

LEVEL 1. Content is complete and shippable


LEVEL 2. Playable/functional. May have known issues and bugs.


LEVEL 3. Partially available. Likely to see WIP markers or placeholder UI where applicable, etc…

  • Sage
  • Scoundrel
  • Vanguard
  • Guardian
  • Sentinel
  • Sniper
  • Operative
  • Sorcerer
  • Assassin
  • Powertech
  • Mercenary
  • Juggernaut
  • Marauder
  • Ability tree for all the above
  • Legendary Items

LEVEL 4. Not available to be tested

  • [NEW] Character Create
  • Character Sheet/Inventory Window
  • All 7.0 content outside of the currently available released Combat Styles and Veteran Mode for the Elom Flashpoint

Known Issues:

  • [NEW] Character create is not fully functional and should not be used at this time.
  • [NEW] Auto sorting of inventory is not intended. You should expect inventory to work as it does in the Live game today upon 7.0’s release.
  • [NEW] Players may notice the Mysterious Datapad Missions “A Surprising Offer” state a trade in amount of 10,000 Tech Fragments on the mission but only require 7,500 Tech Fragments to complete. The 7,500 Tech Fragments value is correct.
  • [NEW] Decurion Requisition Caches are incorrectly named.
  • [NEW] The “Decurion Requisition Cache” will reward Elite Decurion gear.
  • [NEW] The “Elite Decurion Requisition Cache” will reward Supreme Decurion gear.
  • Regarding shared tagging, some players will not receive loot if they tag a boss
  • The name of each character is missing from the reward window when a world boss is defeated by solo characters
  • Regarding abilities per level: This is not implemented on classes that are not mirrored (Commando, Shadow, Vanguard)
  • The Outfitter tab of the Character Window is temporarily non-functional
  • All UI art and layout are a work-in-progress. Please don’t worry yet if words or elements are cutoff!
  • Stats on the new Character Window are not currently functional.
  • The Companion tab of the Character Window is not complete
  • Loadouts are not yet implemented.
  • Keybinds for popping up various windows may not work temporarily while we continue to work on final functionality for launch.
  • Newer windows may not be hooked up to the “Interface Editor” system.
  • There is a non-functional menu bar at the top-left of the Character window, this will be going away in a future build.
  • Some ability names are missing.
  • Phase scaling for Operations and Flashpoints are not working properly.
  • Onderon: Return to fleet droid is available on the Republic side.
    Workaround: Emergency fleet pass for Imperial
  • Bounty Hunter starter is missing textures
  • When players first log in, mounts may be missing. Travel to a new area (planet/new instance/log in and out) and they will reappear
  • Players will not be able to queue for group content at level 80 via the abilities window, so they will have to have to manually walk into any content they want to experience
  • The ability tree may display the wrong “connections” (white lines) between an ability and its upgrade.
  • The Discipline filter is not displaying the correct labels. The filters are functional, but the label repeats the advanced class. Note: All items follow the same naming convention as Onslaught items
  • The ability panel has been updated and is very WIP. You may not be able to access some things you could previously, such as mounts
  • Many mods are using duplicate icons
  • If you make a choice in the Ability window and it doesn’t appear to apply, try selecting other option than reselecting your intended option



  • [NEW] Utility changes: Evasive Screen / Skedaddle replaces Escape Plan / Smuggled Defenses as a utility choice
  • [NEW] Infiltrate / Smuggle cooldown has been reduced by 60 seconds baseline. This ability remains an opt-in choice at level 73
  • Lethality Operative now has Revitalizers as part of their base kit. Revitalizers activate when using Stim Boost and regenerate health and boost defense.
  • Concealment “Advanced Stealth” passive mod now correctly applies.


  • [NEW] Entrench / Hunker Down now reduce area of effect damage by 60% while active.
  • Maim now grants Executioner for Marksmanship and Virulence disciplines allowing Takedown to be used regardless of target’s remaining health and deal more damage.
  • Maim additionally slows the target’s movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds after the effect wears off for the Engineering discipline.
  • Orbital Strike is now a baseline ability for Engineering Sniper discipline.



  • [NEW]Vengeance / Vigilance in development mods are now implemented:
    Skewering Strike and Leaping Strike modify Impale and Overhead Slash
  • Endure Pain / Enure is now standard, gained at level 30
  • Furious Focus / Force Clarity is now a choice at 35 for the non-tank Disciplines, replacing the Intimidating Roar / Awe choice
  • Intimidating Roar / Awe is now a choice at 70, replacing the Endure Pain / Enure choice
  • Guardian Leap now a baseline ability for all disciplines
  • Defense Guardians now can choose between two passives or the Thwart utility at level 35
  • The Blade Barrage modification at level 20 is now Debilitating Slashes, adding an immobilize to Blade Barrage and causing it to generate 1 focus.
  • Vigilance discipline mods have been slightly altered.
    • “Searing Meditation” passive has been redesigned
  • Focus discipline mods have been slightly altered.
  • Various in-development mods have now been added and are functional.
  • Saber Throw is now standard across all Guardian disciplines, gained at level 35.
  • Enure / Endure Pain is now a standard ability for the Defense discipline, gained at level 30.
  • Enure / Endure Pain now removes all cleansable effects when activated, for all disciplines.
  • Cyclone Slash / Force Sweep replaces Saber Throw as the level 20 choice. Its damage has been increased by 10%.
  • Trailblazer / Path Carver utility has been removed from Guardians.
  • Unyielding Justice / Extending Roar utility has been added as a choice. This improves Force Push damage and increases the range of Blade Storm.
  • Preparation / Seething Hatred is now becoming a standard passive across all disciplines without having to take the utility. This allows a faster and better PVE experience.
    • This utility resets the cooldown of Combat Focus, Force Charge, and Saber Throw when out of combat.
  • Stalwart Defense / Hardened Defense is now being included in the utility choices. This serves to replace where Preparation / Seething Hatred was. This utility improves AOE defense for DPS disciplines and defense while stunned for the Tank discipline.
  • Guardian Leap / Intercede is now a level 35 choice for Defense discipline only. It replaces Awe from the old PTS build.
  • Defense Guardians can now opt into Awe / Intimidating Roar at level 70. This replaces the previous choice of Enure, which is now standard for Defense Guardians.
  • Note that Enure is still an opt in choice for Focus and Vigilance disciplines at level 70.
  • Some Guardian utility choices have been shifted to different levels to account for the above changes.


  • [NEW]The “Force Lash” ability choice that could replace Rupture / Cauterize has been reworked. It now deals force energy damage instead of weapon damage and additional internal / elemental damage for each periodic effect on the target. Additionally, this ability has been renamed Force Fracture and has new visuals.
  • [NEW]The Dispatcher Legendary has been updated to be:
    Activating Dual Saber Throw / Twin Saber Throw grants Dispatcher’s Challenge, making your next Vicious Throw / Dispatch or Vicious Slash / Slash critically hit. Critically hitting with a weapon attack generates 1 rage / focus. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 seconds.
  • Force Camo is now standard, gained at level 30
  • Force Choke/ Stasis is now a choice at 70, replacing the Force Camo choice
  • Various mod value tweaks.
  • Level 35 passive adjustments have been made for each discipline.
  • Updated various mod tooltips for clarity.
  • Various in-development mods have now been added and are functional.
  • Cyclone Slash / Force Sweep damage has been increased by 10%.
  • Trailblazer / Path Carver utility has changed from a 25% damage increase to Cyclone Slash to a 15% damage increase.
  • Transcendence / Predation has been updated to have a 30 second cooldown instead of using Centering. Additionally, it now increases movement speed by 80% instead of 50% and purges movement-impairing effects. This secondary effect has been carried over from the Fleetfooted / Unbound utility. It remains an opt in ability at level 20.
  • Contemplation / Brooding is now becoming a standard passive across all disciplines without having to take the utility. This allows a faster and better PVE experience.


  • Fixed a handful of display issues where certain abilities and mods were not properly displayed in the ability list section.
  • Various tooltip typo fixing and clarifications.
  • Renamed various mods.

For details on how to access PTS and to leave feedback, read here.

Please note that PTS is provided in English only.