Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Road Ahead: October 2021

Here is the read ahead for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heries for October 2021. Sorry we are a bit late with this, but it is still worth a read:

In this Road Ahead we are going to cover a number of upcoming changes for Galaxy of Heroes over the next several months. Our next Title Update is almost here (rolling out later today as a matter of fact) and with it brings a number of big changes to Galaxy of Heroes such as the start of Phase 1 of the Gear changes, Conquest 10, Mode Specific abilities, updated login calendars and our Anniversary. Check out the video below for an overview or read on for the details!

This week’s Title Update kicks off Phase 1 of the Gear changes. Many of the items discussed in the State of the Gear-laxy will go in effect with the Update and the rest will roll out over the next month or so. Our goal is that players feel a noticeable change in their daily, weekly and monthly Gear flows and speed up all player’s ability to dive deeper into the Relic system. The following changes are coming very soon and are part of this week’s update!

Daily Quest Changes
Your Daily Quest to play in different parts of the game will now have a new slot for Core Gear. In addition to the other items you normally receive, you will now also collect 4-7 of these Salvages when obtaining the Daily Prize Box. Daily Quests will now also drop one of the following Gear items with an equal probability:

  • Mk 5 A/KT Stun Gun Prototype Salvage
  • Mk 3 Carbanti Sensor Array Salvage
  • Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs Salvage
  • Mk 5 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage
  • Mk 8 Biotech Implant Component

Weekly Gear Challenges


The second change in this Title Update to Gear comes from the three weekly Gear Challenges that occur 3 times per week. TAC needed a bit more love than the others so it has 2 items:

  • Mk 5 A/KT Stun Gun Salvage
  • Mk 8 Biotech Implant Component


  • Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuff Salvage


  • Mk 5 Arakyd Droid Caller Salvage

Galactic Challenge Rewards
Prize boxes below the max reward will be increased in all Galactic Challenges moving forward. The max rewards remain approximately the same, but the ramp up of rewards to those max rewards will be less steep in order to boost rewards for newer and mid-level players.

What’s Next For Phase 1
While this week’s Title Update starts the process of the Gear Changes, we still have many more adjustments to come. In Phase 1 we still have changes to hard node Gear drop rates, Territory Battle reward flattening, and adding in a new dedicated slot in the Shard Shop that only provides Core Gear. Once those are complete, we will begin speaking to what Phase 2 encompasses in the near future.

New Feature: Special Login Calendars
One of the first things you will notice with this Title Update is a change to something you see everyday when you login to the game, the Login Calendar! We’ve revamped the Login Calendar UI and now additional calendars can be activated for extra daily rewards. These Login Calendars can be free or purchasable and may coincide with special occasions or monthly themes.

Just like the current Login Calendar, you can start collecting rewards from the beginning regardless of what day you start but you will need to collect all the rewards before the expiration date. Some Login Calendars will have a tighter timetable to receive all of the rewards (Like the monthly login calendar), while others will be more flexible. You can activate multiple at a time and gather rewards from each calendar every day.

Don’t forget to login each day to collect your rewards!


Mode Specific Characters and Abilities
The next Title Update marks the release of the first character with Mode Specific Abilities in Galaxy of Heroes. New units (more on who that is in a moment) and some existing characters will have a new tier added to their abilities that boosts those units to the next level in a specific mode. This new type of ability tier will require a unique material called, Omicrons.

Omicrons add utility to characters in specific modes of the game, which we detail when we discuss mode-specific abilities. They will actually bring older characters into greater relevance by increasing their abilities to be on par with more powerful units; the power of these new Mode Specific abilities can vary from legendary levels of power, and in rare cases, all the way up to rivaling Galactic Legends in their specific mode. The Omicron tier will be above the unit’s Zeta tier ability (if a Zeta is present).

Omicrons are available primarily as rewards from Galactic Challenges, but a small amount can also be earned in Conquest and from Cantina nodes. Weekly Shipments will also provide Omicrons for Shard Shop currency. These are initial sources for Omicrons as we build up a library of characters with mode specific abilities

While many upcoming characters will have mode specific abilities, existing characters will also be reworked in future updates to also have new abilities that are tied to different modes in the game. The following characters will be given an additional tier of Mode Specific Abilities over the next several updates. (Approximately 2 per update after this Title Update):

  • Rose Tico
  • Captain Phasma
  • Rebel Officer Leia Organa
  • Darth Sidious
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Zam Wesell
  • Chief Chirpa
  • Chief Nebit
  • Imperial Probe Droid
  • Hera Syndulla

We chose these characters because they were either used to unlock a Galactic Legend and had less utility in the game than the other required units or belong to an underused faction.

Conquest 10
Conquest 10 is coming to Galaxy of Heroes and with it a whole host of changes. In honor of the new Boba Fett, Scion of Jango, Conquest 10, 11, and 12 will be Bounty Hunter themed! There are new Feats, and Bosses related to Bounty Hunters, along with new Data Disks and consumables to spice up the experience.


Boba Fett, Scion of Jango is the first character to have mode specific abilities, like Dangerous Reputation, which greatly boosts himself and his squad’s effectiveness in Territory Wars. Boba Fett, Scion of Jango uses his Momentum during battle to grant his abilities additional effects and take down enemy squads with ruthless efficiency. You do not want to get between Boba Fett and his quarry. Check out his kit and the Developer Insights for more information.

With Boba Fett, Scion of Jango as the newest Conquest prize, Maul will followed the Conquest character cadence as Commander Ahsoka Tano:

  • Shards reduced in End-of-Event prizes; Normal Rank 2 prize now contains 5 shards.
  • Conquest Currency cost reduced from 105 to 95 per shard
  • Shards added to Wandering Scavengers in Sector Normal-4
  • Crystal purchases added to Wandering Scavengers

Commander Ahsoka Tano will follow Razorcrest and is no longer in End of Event prizing


Next up for Conquest is Easy Mode. Easy mode is intended to make Conquest something that all Level 85 Players can participate in. Encounters and feats have been reworked to create a fitting adventure for players who can’t achieve victory on Normal difficulty. You will not be required to beat Easy if you have participated in Normal or Hard difficulties in previous Conquest events.


At the other end of the spectrum in Hard Mode, a new special path has been added to the map. This path offers additional Data Disks and some increased rewards for Players that choose to take this one way route. Players will be able to exit this at any time but can only enter it at the start of each map.


Special Event Passes will be available for Conquest 10. The Conquest Pass includes an additional reward track containing even more rewards. These rewards include a small number of shards of the Conquest character to help catch players up if they miss a few along their journey or for players who want to use some of their Conquest Currency elsewhere. (Note that this will not allow players to unlock the unique Conquest unit before 3 runs of Conquest)


The Conquest Pass+ provides the same bonus reward track as the regular Conquest Pass but also includes other benefits that will help you master this Conquest:

  • Bonuses to Stamina recharge rates
  • Bonuses to Conquest Energy recharge rates
  • Free swapping of Data Disks

In addition to these changes, we have made several updates to the balance and structure of the map. We have heard your feedback on Feats and this map’s configuration will shift to having more Combat Nodes overall and less of an emphasis on Feats.

Ready to take on the galaxy? Conquest 10 begins November 1st!

Galaxy of Heroes Turns 6 Years Old!
And last but certainly not least, we will be celebrating 6 years of Galaxy of Heroes on November 21st! As always, we have a special inbox with some fun goodies, along with a new title, and portrait. We also have several days of double drops on various parts of the Cantina and a free login calendar with even more Gear, shards and other resources.

Double Drop Dates:


  • Title: Head Clanker
  • Clone Wars Chewbacca x3
  • Ability Material Zeta x25
  • Ability Material Omega x15
  • Omega Character Shards x5
  • Hunter Character Shards x5
  • Tech Character Shards x5
  • Wrecker Character Shards x5
  • Echo (Bad Batch) Character Shards x5
  • Credits x1,000,000
  • Ship Building Materials x1,000,000
  • Mk 7 Kyrotech Shock Prod Prototype Salvage x30
  • Mk 9 Kyrotech Battle Computer Prototype Salvage x30
  • Mk 3 Carbanti Sensor Array x2
  • Mk 5 A/KT Stun Gun Prototype x2
  • Mk 6 Arakyd Droid Caller x2
  • Mk 8 BioTech Implant x2
  • Fragmented Signal Data x40
  • Incomplete Signal Data x20
  • Carbonite Circuit Board x100
  • Bronzium Wiring x80
  • Chromium Transistor x20
  • Mk 1 Bonding Pin x60
  • Mk 1 Fusion Disk x60
  • Mk 1 Power Flow Control Chip x60
  • Mk 1 Fusion Coil x60
  • Mk 1 Amplifier x60
  • Mk 1 Capacitor x60
  • Mk 2 Circuit Breaker Module x15
  • Mk 2 Thermal Exchange Unit x10
  • Mk 2 Variable Resistor x10
  • Mk 2 Pulse Modulator x25
  • Mk 2 Micro Processor x10

Wrapping Up
Thanks for reading and we hoped you enjoyed the Road Ahead video. A huge thank you to all the players in Galaxy of Heroes and an extra shout out to all of you who have been here for almost 6 years! The crazy part is this isn’t even everything coming over the next 3 months. We have more in store for you as we move on from the Clone Wars era of content and on to something you’ll never expect…

Stay tuned to the forums for the next Title Update and we will see you on the Holotables!