Clone Wars Adventures E3 2010 Coverage

Clone Wars Adventures E3 2010 Coverage

You may have forgotten about the recent announcement of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures due to the frenzy of TFU II and TOR coverage coming out of E3 2010. I know I have, so let’s bring it back to the forefront for a bit as VGChartz provides a preview of the game with screenshots.

Here is a snip:

The demo starts off in a waiting room area. Here you can wander around, hang out with your friends, and interact with iconic Star Wars characters, and change your personal avatar in the Clone Wars world. One of the most fun features in this section were the droids. Like pets in other MMO-style games, Clone Wars Adventures allows you to have droids follow you around and you can do fun custom things with them. The developer chose C-3PO and made him walk like he was high-stepping. Then he chose an astro droid like R2 and had it play disco music while all the characters on screen danced the choreography of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video.

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