SWTOR Impressions from IGN: Setting a Scene

IGN had another great SWTOR update for us today. It was all about “setting a scene” and “finding depth in the Star Wars universe”. So far, their impressions of the SWTOR game and story have been some of the most intricate we’ve found on any of the media sites since the embargo was lifted. While you might not always agree with the gamers/reviewers over at IGN, you still have to respect the way they present the facts- and in a way that gamers can understand and appreciate. Their impressions hold weight, even when you disagree with their opinions and that’s why we’re happy to bring you the most recent update from them.

The Old Republic: Setting a Scene- Nick Kolan begins with some basic info on Star Wars The Old Republic and the scene that BioWare is trying to set within the game. “. It’s a place where entire planets are dominated by a single meteorological phenomenon, where a planet can be covered by a single continuous city or eternal drought,” he says as he takes us on a journey into SWTOR.

He tells us a bit about starter planets- Tython and Ord Mantell and then also talks about capital city of Coruscant and his impressions of each place. He doesn’t leave out any small detail so it’s very informative. There are no story spoilers but if you’re avoiding any and all game spoilers of any type, then this is a read best skipped for now.

“It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee”

He then talks about something else that SWTOR gamers have been very curious about- Datacrons! It’s just a brief description but interesting, nonetheless and worth the read for this part of the article alone. Learn his impressions on Codexes and Datacrons and then read on to hear what Charles Onyett has to say.

He gives his own view of the worlds and the zones, the size of the zones and whether or not he experiences a “sense of awe”; something he considers important in a game. He tells us, “The dungeon areas are big too, accessible from the main public terminal via floating cars.” His impressions go on to talk about exploring the spaces, crafting and companions, flashpoints, goals and quest lines and more.

One thing that I appreciate the most about this article is that the two reviewers talk about how their experience in SWTOR made them feel. So much has been said already about what it looks like, or how it plays and even about the storyline but when it comes right now to it, part of what makes or breaks an MMORPG is how it makes the gamer feel when playing it. This is what determines whether or not you’re going to “get into it” and stick around after the hype has worn off.

While it is someone else’s opinion, this is a good SWTOR review/impressions article worth reading. So take some time and head on over for The Old Republic: Setting a Scene.

Lisa Clark

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