SWTOR Impressions and Previews Roundup

The press embargo was up today which means that many members of the media who had been previously invited into SWTOR game testing were now allowed to write about, blog about and talk about their impressions. This means lots of Star Wars The Old Republic previews and impressions for us to enjoy from some of the biggest names in video game/ MMORPG media.

When the news first came out, many game testers were confused about what this means and who was allowed to talk about the game. If you’re a game tester, you are still bound by the NDA. The press embargo only applies to a select group of media who already know who they are.
To clarify the confusion on press and the embargoes, Stephen Reid tweeted, “Simple rule on press embargoes: unless you’ve been told you’re under embargo, you’re a tester. Ergo, no, you can’t talk about the game.”
Here is a roundup of some of the best SWTOR impression and previews we’ve found so far today. Expect more to come throughout the week.

Lisa Clark

Lisa has been an avid gamer since she was old enough to hold her first controller and a game writer for more than a decade. A child of the Nintendo generation, she believes they just don’t make games like they used to but sometimes, they make them even better! While consoles will always be her first love, Lisa spends most of her gaming time on the PC these days- on MMOs and first-person shooters in particular.