Play Your Favorite Classic Star Wars Games Again

If you’re part of the old guard of Star Wars gamers and played in the early 90s, you probably remember the days of highly pixelated combat in games like X-Wing, TIE FighterEmpire at War, and Rebel Assault.

If you do, get ready for a blast from the past, because a number of your favorite classic games can now be played again!


LucasArts has partnered with Steam and to bring some old Star Wars PC games back to life. If you’d like to relive the space battles of your childhood, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter will put you into the cockpit.


If you’re looking for more ground-based action, check out Dark Forces or the Jedi Knight series. And if you’re into 4X games, you can take on my personal favorite, Star Wars: Rebellion, in which you’ll play as the Empire or the Rebellion and marshal your forces in an attempt to take over the galaxy.


Although most of these games came out as DOS programs, most of these can now be played on PC, Mac, or Linux.

Fortunately, most of these games are quite affordable due to their age; many of them can be had for $10 or less, which is a perfectly reasonable price for games that have so many great memories.

And will be lowering the prices for May the 4th, so if you want to stock up, that’s the day to do it.

Want to start downloading? Check out this GOGmix of Star Wars games to see what’s available, and see what’s available on Steam. Which games will you be downloading? Which Star Wars games did you play in the 90s? Share your favorites below!

Dann Albright

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