SWTOR FTW Weekly: Comic-Con, Revan, Intro Crawls And More

FTWBroadcasting has just brought us the first edition of SWTOR FTW Weekly, a weekly update on all the best articles, news and more about SWTOR. They will be bringing us a video every week to recap the news and events from that week so you can stay updated on everything about SWTOR as it happens. This week talks about the predicted launch of sales for TOR by Pachter which we brought you this week. 
Next up is the biggest news this week of Comic Con San Diego. Preview night starts on July 20th and the event runs from July 21st- 24th so you can bet there will be a lot of exciting news coming out of that event. The video also recaps some of the info that will be covered at SDCC such as a panel and some new reveals. 
There will also be a promotion with free Revan masks handed out at the book signing, which we also previously told you about here on the site. They also mention our write-up about the CTRL+ALT+DELETE comic exclusive. Fun stuff if you have not seen it yet!
Find an excerpt from the Revan novel and more jam-packed into this recap video. And he recaps the Friday update that we also brought you this week. This 15+ minute video gives you all the scoop from the weekly news of SWTOR so it’s worth it to check it out: