SWTOR Beta Review

If you’re looking for information about Star Wars: The Old Republic beta play, the good stuff will be few and far between. This is because the people who have access to the beta are prohibited from talking about things that BioWare has not already released publicly, as with any closed beta. Yet, just like with any other popular game in beta, there are going to be leaks.

AlterSWTor is one such place where beta leaks exist. This is where we came across an interesting SWTOR Beta review but consider yourself forewarned that SPOILERS exist.
Here they have a screenshot from the SWTOR beta forums along with a thorough review about the game from a beta perspective. This is interesting stuff for any fan looking for more info who has not had their own chance to preview or get into beta.
The TOR Beta review includes info like:

  • Character Classes (Will go over Class Story and Ships)
  • Companions (Will go over how useful they are and interactions and Likes/Dislikes)
  • Planets (Will go over setting and Planet Quests. If Cross-Faction and not specified it’s Empire)
  • Advanced Classes
  • Game Systems
  • Warzones
  • Flashpoints
It’s really long and really thorough. If you don’t mind spoilers and you want to check out a SWTOR beta review for yourself, this one is jam-packed with a lot of useful information.