Bringing Casinos to Your Star Wars Games

We all know now that Star Wars is hotter than ever before. Since The Force Awakens entered the theaters, there has been a new revival of Star Wars and it is everywhere. There are few industries that have not been touched by the Star Wars craze. It wouldn’t be a shocker then, to see Star Wars themes entering the casino and gambling scene.

However, what you might not know is that since Disney took over the rights to Star Wars, they removed all the Star Wars casinos and slots. They claim it doesn’t fit with their family values. While many will disagree with their assessment, it seems Disney is pretty well set in stone with their stance on this one.

So it’s not likely you’re going to see casinos in your Star Wars games any time soon, if you do want to enjoy some great casino gaming, you can find an online casino that meets your needs. And if you like Star Wars themed gambling and casinos, you might be able to find some online casinos that have similar themes. While it’s not Star Wars, you might still enjoy it. Also you remember that you can get a bonus when you play casinos online. Check out for more info

Now when it comes to bringing casinos to your Star Wars games, it’s still debatable whether or not this will ever happen again. There are many opportunities for game makers to input casinos or other gambling scenes in the game. In fact, nearly any Star Wars game could probably have a casino angle to them. Whether or not we will ever see it might have to do with who has the licensing and how future games are written and designed. It could happen though. If you wanted to bring casinos to your Star Wars games, what would you want to see and why?