10 Most Notorious Star Wars Urban Legends

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you already know there are more urban legends out there than nearly any other franchise. We love Star Wars and we love to talk about Star Wars. Fans are always looking for a new little tidbit, piece of news, gossip, or some hidden fact they never knew before. We want to feel like insiders, like we know something other people don’t, and like we’re special in our fandom. That’s probably one big reason these Star Wars urban legends take off like they do. There are many of them but this video will explore 10 of the most known. Are they true? Just a myth? Let’s find out!

The Millennium Falcon broke Harrison Ford’s ankle – We know he had a leg injury filming the latest film and the rumor said it happened this way but the story came out later that it was actually a heavy garage door. I remember writing about this story and then later hearing that it didn’t go down exactly the way we had thought.

Carrie Fisher’s coke nail – While Fisher has been open with the public about her history with drugs, the little rumor about her “coke nail” may be nothing more than that… a rumor.

Can you guess the rest of them? Check out the video for yourself. You might be surprised at some of the urban legends and also whether or not they are true. Do you know of any other great urban legends that didn’t make it to this list? Share them with us in the comments.

I find your lack of facts disturbing...

Lisa Clark

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