Star Wars Fan Film Unity of the Force

Here’s a really cool fan made film we think you will enjoy.

In this story, the young hero, Lak, is tasked with finding an artifact, a special lightsaber that is said to be the most powerful in existence. He is less than enthused in the beginning, which makes him different from many young Jedis. I would expect him to be chomping at the bit to take on a mission like this but instead, his attitude was one of “Can’t someone else do it?” While this annoyed me, I also thought it was kind of refreshing to see a different angle taken.

So anyway, he goes on to complete this mission to find The Artifact and there are many obstacles in his way, which is no surprise. I think you’ll find it a fun little short and the ending was a bit of a surprise to me.

The ending may surprise you too. At just over 10 minutes in length, it’s worth checking it out. If you like this film, they said they will have more short fan films on the way so stay tuned.

Check it out for yourself here:


Written/Directed/Produced By: Andrew List
Cinematography: Andrew List
Music: Ash Hanif
Visual Effects: Andrew List & Nikolay Zamkovoy
Edited By: Andrew List
Grip: Taylor List
Written By: Andrew List
NC Unit Director: Bobby Devlin
NC Cinematographers: Jon Morgan & Corey Jacobs
LAK: Bradley Davis
Sith: Kyle Vanness
St. Perkad: Bobby Devlin
Master Hedowal- Jonathan Morgan
The Artifact (Voice): Ryan Nunes
Extra: Taylor List
Extra Voices: Ryan Nunes

Lisa Clark

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