Server Transfer News: Transfers available with patch 2.2 – hopefully

Eric Musco took on the forums today sharing some news on when players can expect to have character transfers go live.  At the same time he also shed some light on when Players get the chance to leave the APAC servers.

Game update 2.2 is expected release date is 6/11 so if you have any toons stuck on servers with no friends on, it’s time to moove them. No information on pricing or details on what will be transferred over  yet though, but I expect it will be on-par with other games, so probably around $25 per character. They want it to be accessible enough that people who really want to can do it, but expensive enough that it doesn’t impact server populations.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give an update on paid character transfers as I know it is something that everyone has been chomping at the bit for. The reason for our silence on the issue is that we are still working through some issues with the transfer tool and so we didn’t want to set an expectation on timing and not meet it. Also, it was very important to us that we informed our APAC players of our plans first, since transfers related to their current issues as well.

With that said I wanted to let you know what our current plans are. As it stands today, our goal is to launch character transfers with Game Update 2.2. Now, as I noted above, we are still working through some things soplease note that this is just our goal and that it is entirely subject to change.

I will update you with more information as I get it, thanks!


Hey folks,

I know we have been a bit quiet about our plans for your consolidations and although I don’t have any concrete details yet today, I wanted to pass on what I know. Our current plan is that next week we will start to give you details surrounding your free transfers off of the APAC servers. Specifically, we want to try to give you an exact date of when those transfers will start. We are still working through some issues with transfers so this could still change but that is our plan as it stands right now.

To be specific as I can be without setting anything in stone, our goal is to have you folks able to start transferring before 2.2 goes live. Again I need to reiterate, this is still subject to change as we lock things down.