Community Cantina Tour – Dallas May 17th writeup

swtor community cantina tour

Doing last weekends Comic-Con in Dallas, BioWare took the opportunity and hold a a Community Cantina. If you haven’t read about the Comic-Con yet, Lisa had posted a few interesting reads about it. You can check them out here and here.  No one from swtorstrategies was at the  Community Cantina, but luckily Crafter over at posted a lengthy write up of what was said by the developers.

Some of the most interesting news is:

  • Guild Ships will come eventually  –  When they look awesome ( They are Damion Schubert’s baby)
  • A big PvP patch is coming soon
  •  Same-gender romance was not part of the original design team’s implementation, so it didn’t get included. Moving forward they will not make the same mistakes. Additionally more story content is coming, but no ETA
  • We will probably never get flying mounts

Check out the full write up over at