SWTOR Patch 1.3 Preview – What’s Coming Soon?

Patch 1.3 is definitely going to be one of the most influential game updates to SWTOR and any MMORPG free update. It packs a big punch with loads of new features that players have been waiting on for a very long time.

Here are some of the main features coming with Game Update 1.3 and what you need to know about each.

Patch 1.3 Preview -SWTOR Group Finder

The long awaited group finder is finally coming. Some players have even stated previously that the lack of a group finder was a deal breaker for the end-game. It made it too difficult to find other players to do a Flashpoint or Operation with. You could spend hours (literally) sitting around spamming chat channels and begging someone to join a group with you. Then if you do get a group, there is no guarantee that any one in it really knows what they are doing. It’s a real pain and we’re SO thankful that BioWare is finally going to fix this.

But there are some things you need to know about the group finder.

First, it will allow you to queue up for flashpoints (both normal and hard modes), story mode operations, and planet wide questing within your level range.

However, there is no cross-server functionality and BioWare staff have expressed more than once that they have no intentions of adding this as they feel it promotes trolls. There is also the issue of gear and specs. You may end up in a group for someone who is not properly geared or specced for the role they signed up to play. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about this.

Patch 1.3 Preview -Legacy Character Perks

Next in the lineup for changes with Patch 1.3 is Legacy Character Perks. We’ve been told since the start that the Legacy System will continue to grow and evolve with each update to the game we get. So with this game update, we get more new Legacy Character Perks. Here is what we know of them so far.

Improved Warzone Experience (Rank 1 to 5)
Improved Flashpoint Experience (Rank 1 to 5)
Improved Space Mission Experience (Rank 1 to 5)
Improved Class Mission experience (Rank 1 to 5)
Improved Exploration Experience (Rank 1 to 5)

RankCredit CostRequired Legacy Lvl XP Gain (additive)

Your companions will also get perks.

Legacy of Altruism (Rank 1 to 3) – Increased companion affection gain from companion gifts
Legacy of Persuasion (Rank 1 to 3) – Increased companion affection gain from conversations

RankCredit CostRequired Legacy LvlAffection Gain (additive)

Additional perks:

Legacy of Crafting (Rank 1 to 3)Increased chance for augmented result

RankCredit CostRequired Legacy LvlChance Gain (additive)

Legacy of Leadership (Rank 1-2)Companions return faster from selling junk

RankCredit CostRequired Legacy LvlJunk Sell Duration

Priority Transport: Capital World (cooldown is shared with Priority Transport the Outlaw’s Den and The Black Hole)
Priority Transport: The Outlaw’s Den ( cooldown is shared with Priority Transport Capital World and Outlaw’s Den)
Priority Transport: Fleet Vanguard Vessel (cooldown is shared with Emergency Fleet Pass)
Priority Transport: The Black Hole (cooldown is shared with Priority Transport Outlaw’s Den and Capital World)

TypeCredit CostRequired Legacy Level
Capital World20,00010
The Outlaw’s Den50,00010
Fleet Vanguard Vessel50,00010
The Black Hole200,00010

Improved Speeder Piloting (Rank 1 to 3) – Allows you to use higher Speeder Piloting ranks at lower levels

RankCredit CostRequired Legacy LevelBenefits
140,0005Train Speeder Piloting I at lvl 10
2175,0005Train Speeder Piloting II at level 30
3250,0005Train Speeder Piloting III at level 40

Field Repair Droid (Basic, Improved, Advanced) – Allows you to deploy a Field Repair Droid that also provides vendor services (lasts 3 minutes)

TypeCredit CostLegacy Level RequiredBenefits
Basic (I)50,00010Repair/basic vendor/60 minute cooldown
Improved(II)150,00020Repair/ sells consumables/45 minute cooldown
Advanced (III)300,00030Repair/sells consumables & crew skill items/15 minute cooldown

Patch 1.3 Preview -Crafting Skills Changes (Augment Slots)

The next important change coming to patch 1.3 is augment slots to the crafting skills. The crew skills that are able to craft augments can now craft these nifty augmentation kits. Augmentation Kits can be crafted by Armstech, Armormech and Synthweaving. Recipes are found at your trainers.

Augmentation Kits and slots are categorized by item level tiers:

SlotItem Levels
Augmentation Slot MK-110-16
Augmentation Slot MK-217-24
Augmentation Slot MK-325-32
Augmentation Slot MK-433-40
Augmentation Slot MK-541-48
Augmentation Slot MK-649+

The Augmentation Kits and the Augmentation Slot Components are both tradeable so you can also make them and sell them.

The costs of adding an augmentation slot to an item are:

MK-1 – 1,000 credits
MK-2 – 2,500 credits
MK-3 – 4,000 credits
MK-4 – 7,000 credits
MK-5 – 1,0000 credits
MK-6 – 25,000 credits

What is your favorite addition coming soon with patch 1.3?

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