SWTOR free server transfers for APAC players begins June 4th

swtor servers transferes

As we have talked about many times before, the APAC servers are more or less dead these days due to the various problems players have been experiencing such as lag. The solution to make sure APAC players are satisfied with the experience, BioWare is offering free server transfers from June 4th.

According to Community Manager of BioWare Eric Musco, the free server transfers to all APAC players will begin in just a few days. Those who will take advantage of the server transfer can move to any servers they please in North America totally free.

Still no word about paid server transfers, but with the free server transfers happening for APAC players, it should be next week as well, just in time for the big SWTOR Game Update 2.2. Check out Eric Musco’s forum post below:

Hey everyone,

I know you have been waiting a bit for an update and I wanted to pop in and do exactly that. Starting on Tuesday, June 4th, you will all be allowed a free one time transfer for each character you have on an APAC server. In the last update I gave I told all of you that we were expanding where your one-time transfer could go to include all NA-West servers. After seeing quite a few requests to expand it further, we are going to allow you a one-time transfer to any SWTOR server. To reiterate, starting on Tuesday, June 4th, you will be allowed a one-time transfer for each character you have on an APAC server to any other non-APAC server.