Making KOTOR 2 Beautiful

You know how I just love to share really awesome things the fans do. Well, here we have something very interesting. This is a collection of images from KOTOR 2 making Peragus/KOTOR more beautiful. You can check it out for yourself below.

A description from the creator:

“Welcome to my collection of heavily modded kotor 2 playthrough part 1. I am currently suffering a game breaking bug at the end of Peragus but as soon as that’s fixed I’ll put up some screenshots of the rest of the playthough if there is any interest in them! I will post the mod list as soon as I can. There is lots of amazing work being showed here and they all deserve all the credit in the world.”

Peragus in HD

So there you have it in high definition. We think it’s pretty awesome. If you were a KOTOR fan, let us know what you think of this and as always, if you see something cool like this related to SWTOR, Star Wars or Star Wars games, we want to hear about it.

Here’s the list of visual mods present in these screenshots in no particular order

Reshade for Kotor/TSL Public Beta

A Darker Peragus

Improved Jedi Sacks (Underwear)

Keia – ‘Beta’ Appearance

4k Atton (clothes)

Atton Rand with Scruff (face)

Peragus OTE (may not be present, I think I used this for any remaining textures not covered by a darker Peragus)

Peragus large monitor adjustment

Improve Peragus Asteroid Field

Harbinger OTE

Realistic Improved Effect Retexture Mod

The Sith Lords Remastered (for HK-51)

Darth Sion Reskinned;43827

TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade (armours)

Blaster Pistol Enhancement

Default Replacement hilts megapack

Ebon Hawk HD Retextures;113641

TSLRCM (not just a texture pack but affects some weapons seen in here)

In terms of how to install all of these, there are plenty of better guides than I could make (most have excellent Readme’s.) I just advise taking your time, if something is going to overwrite something test both mods out and see which you prefer so that one can override the other and also putting everything into folders (except .2da files) into sub-folders for easy uninstallation.

Lisa Clark

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