Crew Skills and Items in Game Update 1.3

BioWare updated the community blog, with a new post, describing some of the upcoming changes, we can expect happening to items and crew skills when path 1.2 launches. While we have covered most of the the information here before, the blog provides a great summary of the relevant details.

Prior to Game Update 1.3, it was only possible to create an Augmented item through a critical crafting success. Augmented items have an additional mod slot, conveniently called an augment. Some of the most valuable items in the game right now are orange shells that have been crafted with an augment slot unlocked, because they have exceptional stat potential with their full complement of mod slots. While these items are cool, they are indicative of a systemic inequity between different types of items. That’s where Augment Tables come in.

That covers most of the changes you’ll see for items in Game Update 1.3. We look forward to seeing how these changes develop in live, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for your feedback and game data to see where we go next!

Check out the post in full over at the  official site.