Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 7.4 - "Chains in the Dark" Livestream Highlights

Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 7.4 – “Chains in the Dark” Livestream Highlights

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) continues to be a beacon for fans of the Star Wars universe, offering immersive storylines and gameplay experiences. The recent developer livestream provided a deep dive into the upcoming Game Update 7.4, titled “Chains in the Dark. Here’s a comprehensive look at the key highlights from the livestream:

1. “Chains in the Dark” Storyline: The central narrative of Game Update 7.4 revolves around the “Chains in the Dark” storyline. Following the intense confrontation between Shae Vizla and Heta Kol in Game Update 7.2, players will revisit Ord Mantell. Their mission? To explore Kessan’s Landing, a quaint provincial island, and confront the formidable Hidden Chain strike team.

2. Kessan’s Landing – A New Daily Area: Kessan’s Landing is introduced as a fresh Daily Area on Ord Mantell. Players can engage in repeatable missions, earn new Achievements, and gather Reputation rewards. Additionally, a series of side missions will take players on a galactic journey, culminating in the assembly of a crucial piece of tech for Kessan’s Landing.

3. Familiar Faces and New Characters: As players navigate Kessan’s Landing, they’ll encounter familiar characters like Rass Ordo, Arn Peralun, Captain Blyes, Gizmel Gam, and Darth Krovos. Additionally, they’ll be introduced to Petra Nihrum, a native of Kessan’s Landing.

4. Lane Vizla’s Continuing Saga: Lane Vizla’s narrative progresses in Game Update 7.4 through a series of missions succeeding the events of Showdown on Ruhnuk (Game Update 7.2). Players will collaborate with Lane Vizla, The Curator – an expert in droid history, and the assassin droid HK-24 unit.

5. New World Boss – FR3-D0M: Prepare for a challenging encounter with the new world boss, FR3-D0M. Players should be wary of the burning plasma patches FR3-D0M leaves during combat. Lucky players might even obtain a unique mount, the Mantellian Separatist Hover Turret, from FR3-D0M.

6. Enhanced Character Lighting: Starting with 7.4, a revamped character lighting tool will be activated for all cinematic content. This system promises more accurate shadows, detailed self-shadowing on characters, and enhanced custom lighting control in cinematics.

7. Life Day Celebrations: The festive season is upon us with the Life Day event in 7.4. Players can indulge in Wookiee hugs, snowball fights, and enjoy the festive ambiance on the Fleet. A new addition this year is the Life Day Officer armor set.

8. Introduction of Specularity Tech: SWTOR is set to dazzle with the introduction of specularity tech, allowing in-game colors to appear more metallic or matte. The upcoming Suppression Trooper armor will showcase the new metallic black and pearlescent red dye pack, which utilizes specularity. These dye packs can be applied to both new and legacy armor sets.

In conclusion, Game Update 7.4 promises a plethora of content, enhancements, and surprises for SWTOR players. From engaging storylines to technical upgrades, “Chains in the Dark” is poised to be a memorable update in the SWTOR saga.

Novara Skuara

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