SWTOR 1.4.2 Patch Notes 10/16/2012

SWTOR 1.4.2 Patch Notes 10/16/2012

Servers are back up after almost 12 hours of maintenance today. Not sure what took so long yet, but hopefully the fixed the memory leak some of us suffers from. Below are the patch notes.

Classes and Combat

Bounty Hunter



      • Sweeping Gunfire now correctly causes the player to face the ability’s target.

Companion Characters


      • Some companion abilities now show more descriptive failure error messages.

Flashpoints and Operations


          • The UI for lockout tabs (for groups and lockout timers) now displays correctly.


Explosive Conflict
            • Some terrain has been adjusted to prevent players from skipping some encounters in this Operation.
            • The Defected Imperial Commander no longer occasionally becomes untargetable.


        • Consumables that have an activation time are no longer consumed on a subsequent activation even when that activation is canceled.

Missions and NPCs

Class Missions

Sith Warrior



              • Implemented changes to correct issues that prevented Warzones from backfilling when a pre-made group member let the Warzone invitation time out.



              • The map and other UI elements no longer occasionally flicker on machines with SLi or Crossfire setups.


              • SLi performance is no longer degraded when opening the Galaxy Map.
              • GTN kiosks now on player ships are now properly represented on the map.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

          • Players who log out on another player’s ship without ever having boarded their own are now correctly evicted to the docking bay.
          • Vehicles can once again be used in the Black Sun, Old Galactic Market, The Works, and the Jedi Temple districts on Coruscant.
          • Resolved an issue that caused the game client to sometimes treat mouse clicks outside of the window as valid clicks when using virtual on-screen keyboards.
          • Performance is no longer degraded in the Walker interior on Ord Mantell when moving the camera around the character.
          • Certain visual effects no longer disappear as they pass over particular types of geometry.
          • Some misplaced art assets, seams or holes in the terrain, and locations where players could become stuck have been corrected.