Star Wars continues to grow on Disney+

Star Wars has always been one of the biggest and best box sets around. The fan base for Star Wars is over £68 billion with billions of fans across the world. Since Disney+ come about they have added to the Star Wars films with the additions of series like the Mandalorian, bad batch, clone wars, Star Wars the resistance, Star Wars rebels and Lego Star Wars. Some of these new additions are animated series but believe me they are so popular. It is why online entertainment continues to remain popular in many other areas on top of this, with some games even being created around these popular movies like slots at This is a trend that is likely to continue.

The cast of Star Wars has changed a lot over the years, and you can see you full cast here.

Many Star Wars fans are not as keen on the new cast as they were the old one, the same can be said about the movies with a lot of people preferring the older movies to the new ones. The series on Disney+ are also hit and miss with the fans as some people are confused as to why some of these new series are animated and not made with the real actors. 

Star Wars must be one of if not the biggest trademark around, near enough everyone you speak to has either watched the films or knows about the films. There is endless merchandise for Star Wars you can literally get anything you want from bedding to small figures of your favourite characters. The main question is whether you are fans of the Jedi or the Sith? Many people have mixed reviews on which organisation they follow, one thing for sure is you can’t complain about the movies they are all action packed with each one having a great story line. 

The first film was released in 1977 and still to this day they are filming more, the next film Rogue Squadron is due to be released around December 2023. Until then Disney+ continue to add more of the series to their platform, the Mandalorian seems to be by far the most popular of the different series so far with another season due to drop very soon. All of the series are a good watch even the animated ones grab your attention as they follow suit with the story line from the films, these are a great watch if you need to pass some time whilst waiting for the next Star Wars film to drop.