Star Wars video games: a look at fun minigames worth discovering

Star Wars video games: a look at fun minigames worth discovering

Gamers with a passion for Star Wars have had a blast these past few years. Several disappointing entries arguably failed to emulate the Star Wars magic on par with their movie counterparts, but a string of recent titles seemingly found the perfect balance between engaging gameplay and compelling narration exploring the saga’s sprawling universe. The upcoming release of Star Wars Outlaws shouldn’t deviate from this winning formula, as this action-adventure game promises a fresh perspective on the franchise. 

The unparalleled interactive nature of the gaming medium also allows for inventive takes on the Star Wars lore. From visiting Anakin Skywalker’s birth planet to flying a Rebel Corvette, nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. Better yet, endearing minigames take the immersion to the next level. So, let’s check out some fun minigames within Star Wars video games. 


Card games have long been canon in Star Wars. Sabacc, the in-universe spin on poker, even won Han Solo the Millennium Falcon from serial gambler Lando Calrissian. Weirdly enough, however, Solo: A Star Wars Story was the first film to depict a full-on game of Sabacc on-screen. Even more perplexing, this oh-so-popular high-stake game never translated to the gaming medium – except from one board game. But the developers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic certainly drew inspiration from that game of skill and chance to design Pazaak

In this original minigame created exclusively for the KOTOR series, players need to gather points to get as close to 20 as to beat the dealer. Long story short, Pazaak is essentially blackjack in a galaxy far, far away. When money is scarce in early game, going on winning streaks can be an easy way to earn credits. But taking down NPCs is just as fun when you’ve made a fortune, if only to take a welcome break from combat. And Pazaak was such a resounding success it spawned an unofficial mobile game, Pazaak Cantina: Card Game. 


Holotactics is a tabletop minigame introduced in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This holographic battle simulator pits Jedi Knight Cal Kestis against eight opponents of varying difficulty depending on the enemy units the player-character has scanned throughout their journey. For each opponent you effectively beat, you get a unique reward. So, get ready to face everyone from captain of the Stinger Mantis Greez to former bounty hunter Caij – and even the mighty game-runner herself if you get this far. 

Located in Pyloon’s Saloon, Holotactics unlocks after completing the “Locate The Odd Pair” rumor quest on Koboh. Once done, all you need to do is interact with the table to start your first round. Losing even a single round means crushing defeat, making this strategy minigame all the more challenging. Thankfully, some tactics come in handy to win every match. Ultimately, getting the better of every last enemy AI leads to snatching a Gambler Trophy Achievement.


The latest Lego Star Wars game to date, The Skywalker Saga allows players to advance through the story of any of the nine episodes of the three Skywalker trilogies in the order of their choosing. You’re entirely free to explore legendary landmarks like Tatooine, Naboo, and Cantonica at your own pace. Better yet, every planet is filled with puzzle minigames. Inspecting every nook and cranny is the best way to find them all. On Cantonica, for instance, you can explore the glitzy capital of Canto Bight at leisure – and even climb its infamous casino. 

With such an evocative setting, though, the absence of machine slot minigames is a bit of a missed opportunity. However, software providers like 777igt have developed Star-Wars-themed pokies available online. Gamers interested in trying them can claim free spins. This casino bonus can be part of the welcome packages that newcomers may grab upon signup. This way, they get extra chances to spin the wheel in exchange for a small deposit or no deposit at all. Such promotions help players fund a bankroll with what they may win – and even cash out their winnings with no requirement attached via free spins and no wagering.

Unlike massive franchises like Super Mario or Grand Theft Auto, minigames may not be a prominent feature of most Star Wars games. Still, the few side games that players get add an extra layer of immersion. And with the first-ever open-world Star Wars game dropping in in 2024, players can expect some more minigame fun coming their way.