Allow me to remind everyone again of how I love Star Wars and LEGO. Then you’ll understand why I love this fan art done with LEGO to represent KOTFE and I think you can appreciate it too, even if you’re not a big LEGO fan like me.

These were created by a fan named Qeusen and posted to DeviantArt and took about an hour to render. The eyebrows are an especially nice touch (you’ll know what I mean if you saw the trailer).



It will be nice if we get more actual TOR LEGO sets. And if the new movie gets an accompanying LEGO game, all the better! This is a very cute fan creation, however.

While it’d surely take forever, it’d be awesome to see the entire trailer done in LEGO. Do you have any LEGO Star Wars/ LEGO TOR creations of your own? We want to see them!

Source: Qeusen Deviant Art

Lisa Clark

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