8 Awesome Video Game Party Ideas

8 Awesome Video Game Party Ideas

Do you have a loved one that always has to get their hands on the latest triple-A gaming title? Surprise them by throwing them a video game-themed party. 

Since the entertainment is already present, video game party ideas should come naturally. All you need are snacks and a few good games. Of course, good games are different for everyone. 

You’ll need to stay on your toes to keep everyone happy. You may have to break out the board games or plan a trip to a retro arcade.

There’s also the matter of making themed foods and preparing your home for your guests. Continue reading to learn more. 

1. Send Out Invites 

Step one of planning a gaming party is to send out invitations. You can go the extra mile by giving your friends themed invites. 

You can get customizable and printable invites from websites like Etsy. You can send out virtual invites to save a tree or two. 

The simplest and most low-effort way to invite your friends would be by creating a Facebook event. 

2. Choose the Right Games

The types of video games you play at parties are different than others in that you have to be able to include everyone. 

Some of the best video games for parties are on the Switch. You can break out one of the various co-op Mario titles. There are also fighters like Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber, and Super Smash Bros. 

Trivia games are always a favorite. You can also get everyone off the couch with music and dance games. 

Be sure to choose games that are equally fun to watch and play. If you don’t, your spectators will get bored. If one of your friends brings a plus one that doesn’t play games at all, they’ll have nothing to do. 

3. Meet at a Retro Arcade

If you don’t have a lot of games at your home but still want to host a video game party, move it to your local retro arcade. There’s something almost nostalgic about it. 

Many arcades don’t only have video games. They also have things like air hockey and pinball. 

You and your friends can grab food at the arcade or a place nearby, so all of the party planning has practically been done for you. 

4. Provide Party Favors

Sometimes it’s fun to send everyone home with their own party favors. Controllers and food are always good options. If your party is in December, you can give out ornaments. 

Someone may appreciate having a Steam gift card during the big sales. You can also go with CSGO cases

5. Prepare Your Space

Depending on the games on your agenda, you may need to make some space in your living room. Push your couch back and push your coffee table to the side. If you don’t, your guests will bump into each other during dance games. 

If your party games don’t involve a lot of physicality, keep your coffee table in the living room. This will give your guests a place to put their food and drinks. 

Since video game parties involve a lot of sitting, you’ll want to have comfortable options. Break out the squishy bean bag chairs and floor cushions. 

6. Stay On Your Toes

Hosting a successful game party is all about staying on your toes. You have to make sure that everyone gets a turn to play something. Some of your guests may not want to be a spectator all night. 

You will have that one person who gets bored playing a game that your other guests are enjoying. Instead of ruining everyone else’s fun, you’ll have to do something to make things interesting. Mix it up with special rules or turn it into a drinking game for those who drink. 

If you have highly competitive games at your party, be ready for toxicity. Kick anyone out who starts an issue before their sour mood forces people to leave. 

7. Prepare Food 

No party is complete without food. You can order a few pizzas or get a little more creative. 

You can get gaming-themed cookie cutters online. Titles with in-game food often release their recipes online. If the developers haven’t released the recipe, someone online has most likely figured out how to make the dishes from your favorite games. 

The same goes for drinks. You can find recipes for gaming-related cocktails online. Be sure to keep the drinks coming all night long. 

8. Break Out the Board Games

There may come a time during the night when your friends become tired of playing video games. That’s when you can break out the board games. 

Board games are something that everyone can get behind. You may even find the spectators getting out of their seats to join. 

If you’re worried about breaking the party theme, there are board games that are based on famous titles like Fallout, Civilization, Dark Souls, and Assassin’s Creed. 

Fun Video Game Party Ideas to Try 

If you know someone that loves gaming, consider throwing them a video game-themed party. These get-togethers basically plan themselves. 

You can find all sorts of food recipes from various games online. Entertainment is in gaming, so you don’t have to bother making a party Spotify list. 

If you don’t have the space to accommodate everyone, move the party to an arcade. It will have everything you need for you and your friends to have a good time. 

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