YouTuber Transforms Starfield into the Mandalorian Game with Over 100 Mods

YouTuber Turns Starfield into the Mandalorian Game We Never Got

Although EA canceled a Mandalorian shooter in development at Respawn Entertainment, one YouTuber has brought the Mandalorian experience to life through Bethesda’s Starfield and over 100 Star Wars mods.

YouTuber DeityVengy used the extensive modding capabilities of Starfield to transform it into a compelling Mandalorian game. This modded version includes the Mandalorian suit replacing the main character model, Star Wars aliens, weapons, characters, and units, and even a Star Wars-themed HUD. The gameplay showcases an AT-ST fight, a blast-off with Imperial Security, and battles with Purge Troopers, highlighting how Starfield’s jetpack movement and shooting mechanics are perfect for recreating the Mandalorian fantasy.

DeityVengy mentioned that this project is a continuous work in progress, with new mods being discovered and added regularly. “Every day I discover a mod or two to add to this as well as new mods releasing every day. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with Bethesda’s upcoming Creation Kit,” DeityVengy shared in the comments.

In February, EA announced the shutdown of an early development Star Wars FPS action game, which was rumored to feature a Mandalorian protagonist. This cancellation was part of EA’s shift in focus towards its own brands and existing games. Despite this setback, EA continues to develop other Star Wars titles, including Star Wars: Jedi 3 and a Star Wars strategy game. However, there are no known plans for a Mandalorian-specific video game.

The Starfield mods have thus become the only way for fans to experience a Mandalorian game. Bethesda plans to release a Creation Kit update to add official modding support, which will undoubtedly enhance the game’s longevity and the modding community’s creativity.

Novara Skuara

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