SWTOR New Dyes- Random Packs is a Crapshoot

swtor armor dye
How it should have been done

If you’ve had any experience in the new SWTOR armor dyes found in the Cartel Market, then you might already know there are some issues with getting the colors you want. The dye modules are preset combinations, for one thing, and you have to be lucky and get the colors you’re looking for, or you have to keep buying until you get what you want.

There’s a real gamble to get the Primary/Secondary/Third color settings that you want, especially on the first go at it and some players are not happy about it at all. They feel it’s a ploy from BioWare to get more money.

Why, when people are already willing to spend real cash in the Cartel Market, don’t they just make it possible to buy what you want when you want it? Some players are flat-out boycotting the dye kits in the Cartel Market for this very reason. Others report spending $50, $100 or more in real world cash before getting the dye sets they wanted.

Buying dyes randomly through packs seems to be the biggest beef with gamers today. Most people agree that they don’t mind spending the cash on things they want- even novelty goodies. But the argument surrounds the randomness of it all. The pack systems means you might not get what you want in the first pack, or the second… and so on. So you have to keep buying until you get the one you want or give up and cut your losses.

So what do you think? Have you purchased any dyes yet? How much did you have to spend to get what you wanted? Do you agree with the random pack system or want to see BioWare change it? Shout out in the comments with your thoughts!

Lisa Clark

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