These Are the Best Tennis Apps for Mobile

Tennis games are present in all of our lives, and in all kinds of consoles:

  1. Super Nintendo
  2. Nintendo Wii
  3. Playstation
  4. Xbox

But, titles of the genre are also available for mobile devices. Thinking about the sport’s tradition in the Olympics and in the millionaire championships, we decided to bring a list of the best tennis games for mobile.

There are tons of options when it comes to Tennis games. While every game on this list is 100% free, you can find some more options of teniszfogadás in order to get some betting money. 

Let’s jump to the list!

Tennis Clash

With an experience totally focused on the competitive, Tennis Clash is a game that mixes strategy with individual skill to come out the winner of each duel.

Usually the matches are quick, lasting a few minutes, and it just consists of controlling the strength by sliding your finger across the screen when hitting. Each match is played in an arena around the world and as the player wins new arenas are unlocked.

To move up enters the strategic part of the game, in which the player must spend the money won on improving their skills or accessories to have a better chance in more difficult tournaments. The game also features a battle pass system where the player can unlock bags and other accessories for the same purpose.

Table Tennis Touch

This is a different modality, but the game counts with the same characteristics of court games. As the name implies, Table Tennis Touch brings a great table tennis game in offline and online modes.

In addition to the career mode, the game has multiplayer games, friendly games against the machine and even mini games, where you must complete challenges.

Some of the things that stand out the most in the game are its very detailed and realistic scenarios, from a church hall to a garage. You can also customize your rackets according to your evolution.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Historic Sega also has its version of the sport for mobile phones with more real focus and more complex controls. The game also has several modes ranging from tournaments, quick matches and even multiplayer, making it a complete experience.

It is possible to control the player’s direction with full control of direction and also the style of hitting the ball. Strong, diagonal, straight or arched. The game mechanics linked to the sound work result in an interesting experience when learning the controls, which are more difficult than the others on the list.

The only downside, which is important to say, is the amount of ads present in the game. In some moments even during the match they appeared, so patience is needed.

Ultimate Tennis

Despite having a more complex gameplay than the other games on this list, Ultimate Tennis is a great option when it comes to Team Tennis. That’s because, in it, you need to build a team with great players, who have different qualities and attributes from each other.

In addition to the online mode, there is also the offline World Tour mode, in which you have access to various types of virtual coin rewards to spend in-game, improving your tennis team’s levels and skills.

There are tournaments where you will play on hard courts, grass or dirt, which influences the performance of each player.

Tennis World Open 2021

With gameplay very similar to Tennis Clash, Tennis World Open 2021 has a career mode, with championships in cities like Cairo and Los Angeles, quick matches and training, which improve your skills on the court.

In the game from Inlogic Sports, you can play against the greatest tennis players in the world like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, in up to 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard).

You can still make changes to your character, such as changing the color of the headband, t-shirts, shorts and shoes.

Tennis Manager

For players looking for a more strategic experience, Tennis Manager is a good choice. Instead of going to court, the player becomes the coach of a young player with the purpose of taking him to the top of the world.

During the matches it is necessary to adapt to different types of court, in addition to paying attention to the game mode that the opponent adopts, to lead the player to victory.

In this part, two bars come into play, the physical fitness and the mental fitness. It is important to train the player in both so that he is prepared for any challenge.

The game is quite complex and needs the player’s attention and strategy to better adapt to the standard qualities of his player and thus help him to climb to the top of the podium in each tournament.


These are some of the best tennis games for mobile devices. Of course there are many other options and you can search for other games to see the different types of gameplays and strategies.

In order to play these games, you can search for them on your smartphone’s store with no problems and download them for free. Pay attention that some of them may count with payments inside the app.


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