TORmeter – DPS-parser for SWTOR 1.2 (GUI)

MMO Norge has a really cool find for all SWTOR players- an app that parses game data for you so you can see stats and other important details. Players have been waiting for something like this since SWTOR came out.

Here are the details direct from their site (the app is in English):

TORmeter! – A Parser for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

A user here at MMO Norge, calling himself ‘Skygge’ has put his skills with Python to good use. He has created a fully functional combat-parser (DPS-Meter, Recount … many names for the fat ugly baby) that does exactly what you want it to do. And that is to give you the hard math behind your latest fight. You can get final proof that you not only beat your friend in that duel, you raped him digitally. Or maybe you want to review your latest raid. Check out the details below. If you use this for anything public, remember where it came from. Common courtesy people.

Of course – it will not work until Game Update 1.2.

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • You can calculate DPS, HPS, Crit%, Avoidance%, highest hit and highest heal.
  • You can split the combat sequences in the log.
  • You can merge fight-sequences that follow each other with a time treshold.
    This prevents TORmeter from crashing if you ‘vanish’ mid-fight.
  • You can specify a targeted log, or simple always see the most recent.
    (empty logs are ignored as they often appear when you log out.)
  • You can define a minimum parameter to ignore un-significant fights.

Lisa Clark

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