1.2 Smuggler Gear Makes you Say “What?!”

Most classes are excited and anxious to see the new gear that will come with game update 1.2. For those of us playing Smuggler, your excitement levels may change when you see the pictures of what we get to wear.

Many players have already set out to the official forums to complain about the gear. LongGui says,

“I agree, Way to much art and not enough design.

Practical wins over artisitic/showy any day. I cant get over that helmet.”

Jarwan says:

“I’m praying that the gear I saw in that trailer around 1:41 mins mark is not a Smuggler but the fact that they were doing the resting animation has destroyed all hope. The hat looks like one of those you see people wearing in ball games which holds a bear can on each side of the hat. That gear is wrong, who ever designed that gear from Bioware should be taken outside and……I’ll let Jeremy Clarkson finish that sentence”

For the most part, I share their sentiments and that of many others. It is pretty ridiculous looking. The only hope I still hold onto is that the devs said there will be the option in the future to choose what gear look you want to display, regardless of what you are wearing in your stat slots. So you can get the benefit of the ridiculous looking sets but choose to display something that looks how you like.

Here’s an image courtesy of OldRepublic.net (thanks guys).

Lisa Clark

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