New Way to Design Your SWTOR Stronghold

New Way to Design Your SWTOR Stronghold

Players love strongholds and designing them is the best part for many players. Some players have gotten extremely creative with the things they design for their strongholds as well. There are also some really cool, fleshed-out ideas like this one, and there are also some great ideas over here. Barithor has some fun ideas like maps, structure hooks, and more. None of the current features of the strongholds would be taken away or changed for these ideas to be put into place.

Here are some great new ideas about designing your stronghold:

What ideas would you want to see in future strongholds? What features do you want to be able to use in yours? Are there any themes you really would like to have? Are there any limitations you have hit when you’re trying to design your stronghold now that you wish you had?

While players may not always be happy with things that BioWare has done with the game in one way or another, one thing we can say is that they listen to the players. They do try to take in the player’s opinions and ideas and apply them to the game whenever they can and when it’s practical to do so. In this case, they know the players want more content and options for strongholds so let’s just hope they keep listening and deliver on as much as they can.

Lisa Clark

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