Changes comming to Tatooine Stronghold Maximum Hooks

Changes comming to Tatooine Stronghold Maximum Hooks

Assistant Designer David Staats, responded to an issue with Tatooine Stronholds. Apparently they are getting a higher maximum hook count from 500 to 1100 on the PTS.

New stronghold hook limit is way too high | 06.11.2015, 02:17 PM

Hi all,
First and foremost, thank you for your feedback regarding the updates to the Tatooine Homestead hook increase. While this was something we did not officially post about, we are interested in your thoughts regarding the update.

Let me take a moment and give some insight as to why we are looking at increasing the allotted hook cap for the Tatooine Homestead. While reviewing our Stronghold hook limits across all Strongholds, we discovered that Tatooine in particular was drastically lower in regards to the available hooks to total hooks ratio than the other Strongholds. This means that those who owned the Tatooine Homestead actually had far less hooks to utilize compared to the space given, and as such were able to fill their Stronghold “quicker” than desired.

The change we have made now brings Tatooine up to par with the other Strongholds we have available, and gives the opportunity for those who have the Homestead as one of their Strongholds to utilize more of the space provided to create their stories. However, at this time it will require those who had previously achieved a 100% completion and received any Prestige or Conquest bonuses which go with that to continue adding to their Homestead. At this time there are no plans to alter the hook limits on any of the remaining Strongholds, as those are well within the ratio we desire.