The Guild – Star Wars Fun

Hey everyone!

Okay, last week I promised that I’d look into some more guild related stuff, but as it so happens, I’m one of those special breeds called “lazy”, and as such, I didn’t really get it done in time. So I’ll postpone it untill next week.

I did, however, find time to post a few funny movies I’ve enjoyed several times, and I hope you will as well.

Some of them you might already know, but I think most of these are worth more than one view!

Vader being a smartass
What if Obi Wan had used force run?
Vader feels blue
Dramatic star wars chipmunk
If you find yourself holding on to some information you’d like to spread around, or if you simply have to get something off your chest – don’t hesitate, send me that e-mail right away! All subjects concering star wars wether it’s swtor or the movies… I’m sure we’re a lot of people out here who’ll find it amusing or interesting.

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I’ll see you next week! Regards Peter.