Star Wars: Force Arena Legendary Card Packs with Foil Cards!

Squad Leaders!

With its shiny gold features, Foil Cards are beautiful to look at, but you better believe that they are more than just looks! Foil Cards can also provide a bonus effect to your Leaders after you enhance them for all 5 levels!

For a limited time, grab a chance to acquire the Foil Card of your favorite Leader!

  10/04 Legendary Card Packs with Foil Cards! 


10/04 06:00 AM – 10/11 05:59 AM (UTC+0)
10/03 11:00 PM – 10/10 10:59 PM (PDT)



You can find the Legendary Card Pack for each Faction at the Shop. Tap on the pack to see whose Foil Cards you can acquire along with the Legendary Card.

* All Legendary Cards are available in the Legendary Card Pack regardless of your Tier and will be chosen at random.
* The probability of acquiring each Foil Card is 3%; thus, the probability of acquiring one of the listed Foil Cards is 6%.
* You will not receive identical Foil Cards if you’ve already acquired one through this Card Pack.
* When you purchase a Card Pack, it will be added to your deck immediately.

Enjoy and may the Force be with you!