SWTOR Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Rarities


Eric Musco updated the forum community about the upcoming Apprentice’s Shadow Pack rarities, that comes with tomorrows game update. Some of them are not labeled correctly.

Apprentice’s Shadow Pack Rarities | 02.11.2015, 09:14 PM

Hey folks,
For those of you looking forward to the Apprentice’s Shadow Pack coming out tomorrow, I want to let you know of a discrepancy you will find in the rarities listed in Collections. First, the most important thing, all drop rates that are in the pack are working as intended. You will be receiving the items at the intended rarities. The only thing that is not correct currently is what the rarity is listed as in Collections in both the text and/or the rarity icons. Here is a full list of the items, what is listed, and the correct rarity.

Items showing as Super Rare, but are only Rare

Items showing as Rare, but are actually Super Rare

  • Field Communication Post Decoration
  • Revealing Body Suit

Also, the Black Pink Color Crystals are not showing in Collections for the Apprentice’s Shadow Pack. However, they are in Collections for some of the other packs in Shipment 6, so you can unlock them from there until we get that addressed.
Thanks everyone!

Video showing the Massage Bot Regen item, Sinister emote and the Mind Prison Trap emote from Apprentice’s Shadow Pack: