Discover the ultimate Star Wars: Hunters tier list. Unlock the best characters and master the game with our comprehensive rankings.

Star Wars: Hunters Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Star Wars: Hunters has taken the gaming world by storm, offering a fresh, competitive shooter experience set in the beloved Star Wars universe. With a diverse roster of characters, each boasting unique abilities and playstyles, mastering the game requires a keen understanding of who’s who in the arena. This tier list will rank all the characters in Star Wars: Hunters, helping you make the best choices for your team and dominate the battlefield.

Star Wars: Hunters Tier List – Overview

In Star Wars: Hunters, characters are divided into various tiers based on their overall effectiveness, versatility, and impact in the game. Here’s a breakdown of the tier list, providing insight into each character’s strengths and weaknesses:

S-Tier Characters

Reeve is an agile and deadly assassin with high damage output and stealth capabilities. Her ability to quickly eliminate targets and escape makes her invaluable in any team composition. Reeve excels in both offensive and defensive strategies, making her a top-tier choice for competitive play.

Zaina is a versatile support character who can heal teammates and provide critical buffs. Her presence in the team ensures longevity and sustainability during intense battles. With the ability to turn the tide of a match through strategic healing, Zaina is indispensable for any well-rounded team.

A-Tier Characters

Futuristic warrior with robotic arms in sci-fi environment.

Grozz is a formidable tank with immense durability and crowd control abilities. His ability to absorb damage and disrupt enemy formations makes him a crucial frontline defender. Grozz’s high health pool and defensive skills make him a reliable choice for protecting allies and holding key positions.

Mandalorian in armor dual-wielding blasters in arena.

Aran Tal
Aran Tal is a skilled sniper with exceptional long-range capabilities. His precision shots can take out high-value targets from a distance, providing critical support for his team. Aran Tal’s ability to control the battlefield from afar makes him a strong asset in strategic play.

B-Tier Characters

Slingshot is a unique character with a mix of offensive and defensive abilities. His versatility allows him to adapt to various situations, but he requires a high skill level to maximize his potential. Slingshot can provide valuable support and utility in the right hands, but may not always be the first choice for new players.

Robot with blue lightsaber on alien planet.

J-3DI is a combat droid with balanced offensive and defensive skills. While not as specialized as some characters, J-3DI offers consistent performance across different scenarios. He is a solid choice for players looking for a reliable and straightforward character.

C-Tier Characters

Alien gaming on futuristic chair, floating robot companions.

Sprocket is a gadget-based character with an array of tech-based abilities. While his skills can be useful in certain situations, Sprocket often lacks the impact needed in high-stakes matches. He requires precise timing and positioning, making him more suited for niche strategies.

Green alien with gun in futuristic cityscape.

Charr: The Situational Specialist

Charr’s abilities can be powerful but are often situational. He requires a specific playstyle and environment to be effective, making him less reliable in varied scenarios. Skilled players can make use of Charr’s unique abilities, but he is not always the best choice for every match.

Detailed Character Analysis

Reeve: The Shadow Assassin

Reeve’s agility and stealth make her a formidable foe. Her primary abilities focus on quick, high-damage strikes and evasive maneuvers, allowing her to eliminate key targets and disappear before enemies can retaliate. In team battles, Reeve can disrupt enemy formations and create openings for her teammates to exploit.

Zaina: The Lifeline

Zaina’s healing abilities are unmatched, providing crucial support to her team. Her skills not only restore health but also offer buffs that can enhance teammates’ performance. In prolonged battles, Zaina ensures her team stays in the fight longer, giving them a strategic advantage.

Grozz: The Unbreakable Shield

Grozz’s role as a tank is to absorb damage and protect his allies. His crowd control abilities can disrupt enemy plans and provide breathing room for his team. Grozz excels at holding choke points and creating defensive strongholds that are difficult for enemies to breach.

Aran Tal: The Deadeye

Aran Tal’s sniper skills allow him to take out enemies from a safe distance. His high damage output and precision make him a constant threat on the battlefield. Aran Tal can provide overwatch, picking off high-priority targets and weakening the enemy team before they can close in.

Slingshot: The Versatile Operator

Slingshot’s mix of offensive and defensive abilities makes him adaptable but requires a skilled player to unlock his full potential. He can switch between roles as needed, providing support or taking on an offensive stance depending on the situation.

J-3DI: The Balanced Combatant

J-3DI offers consistent performance with a blend of offensive and defensive skills. He is straightforward to use, making him a good choice for players looking for a reliable character without the need for specialized tactics.

Sprocket: The Tech Savvy

Sprocket’s gadgets provide unique utility but can be challenging to use effectively. His abilities are situational, requiring precise timing and strategic deployment. In the right scenarios, Sprocket can turn the tide of battle, but he often falls short in direct confrontations.

Rieve: The Situational Specialist

Rieve’s abilities can be powerful but are often situational. He requires a specific playstyle and environment to be effective, making him less reliable in varied scenarios. Skilled players can make use of Rieve’s unique abilities, but he is not always the best choice for every match.

Diverse characters battle with lightsabers in a desert setting.


Choosing the right character in Star Wars: Hunters can significantly impact your success on the battlefield. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character allows you to build a balanced and effective team. Whether you prefer the stealth and agility of Reeve, the healing support of Zaina, or the defensive prowess of Grozz, there is a character for every playstyle.

Mastering these characters and leveraging their abilities in various game modes will elevate your gameplay and ensure you dominate the arena. Dive into Star Wars: Hunters, experiment with different characters, and find the perfect lineup to lead your team to victory.