Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes talkes Shoretrooper Event Return & Leaderboards

Here is the latest from Star Wars: Galaxy of heroes:

Return of Shoretrooper event
The Shoretrooper Squad Tournament is returning for its second appearance! We recently made some changes to the ways that tournaments function, including the way Ally Points are now used to refresh your characters.

  • Tournaments now use ALLY POINTS for squad refresh instead of Crystals! Battle your opponents, earn points and climb the leaderboard to earn prizes including “The Pit” Raid Prize Boxes, Credits, Omega Ability Materials, and shards for the Rogue One Shoretrooper.
  • Don’t forget There will be a 5000 Ally Point gift to get you started!
  • To mitigate an unintended behavior, the defensive squad can only be set once per Tournament and matchmaking has been improved.
  • To further minimize a group of players attacking each others squads for an easy win, any opponent that the player has earned points from will not appear in matchmaking for a period of time.


  • With the introduction of the new raid, once (November) is logged, we will then have two leaderboards – one for each raid
  • Because the Tank Takedown Raid did not run for the entire month, we have a whopping total of 6 guilds tied for first! Yowza! Congratulations are in order for the following guilds below-
    • Russian heroes
    • 12345 идем убивать
    • Order 66
    • TeamSkunk
    • Team Instìnct
    • Team Instinct

– Shoretrooper: “Regroup” now correctly reduces in cooldown when buffs are dispelled from Shoretrooper.