What Defines an eSport?

Have you known that 600+ US colleges provide an opportunity to get scholarships in esports? It’s because esport has become very popular recently. Do you like video games and want to earn big money on your hobby? Today, it is possible thanks to eSports, or e-games as it is also called. There are tournaments with a cash prize like in any other professional sports competition. 

One of the main advantages of cyber sport over traditional kinds of sport is the ability to compete with people worldwide. The only thing you need is an Internet connection. As a result, hundreds of esports fans have become professional sportsmen from the comfort of their homes. 

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6 Most Popular Cybersport Games

As a rule, every cyber sportsman has their favorite online game. Are you a beginner and still don’t know which esport game to choose? Here is a list of the best games to play. 

  1. Fortnite. Over 2 mln people watch this game. As for the cash prize, it is about $30 mln.
  2. Dota 2. The cash prize here reaches $35 mln. Dota has 59 teams and over 10 mln viewers.
  3. LoL. League of Legends has 24 active teams and over 40 mln viewers. 
  4. CS:GO. Over 1 mln people watch this cyber game. According to esport news, they have 40 active teams and many tournaments. Counter-Strike is considered to be the first game that made esports a phenomenon on the world scale.
  5. PUBG. There are 20 active teams and over 800 thousand viewers. 
  6. Overwatch. The game has 20 active teams and over 300 thousand people who watch it. The prize money is about $5 mln here. 

You can also like such games as StarCraft II, Tekken 7, and World of Tanks. Choose the game you feel passionate about and plunge into online gaming. Don’t forget to check the last esport news to get a competitive advantage.

Esport Is a Hobby that Can Bring Big Money

Cyber sports can become a real well-paid profession. For some, it is just a hobby, but for others, it’s a professional sport that can bring several thousand dollars monthly.
The cash prize for every game championship is increasing. Have you started to play a cyber game and reached great heights? It’s where everything starts. It means that esport has become more than just a hobby for you. 

When does a computer game meet all the requirements of a professional sport? It takes place when you compete not with a computer but with a team of players. All players have equal chances to win. Compared to most kinds of sports, you don’t need to be in perfect physical shape to become a winner. 

It’s a competition of minds. You should have a fast reaction and the ability to think of the most effective gaming strategy. Experts recommend following international esport news to be aware of all the latest changes that refer to the game you like most.