SWTOR: Best Smuggler Lines and Funny Moments

Are you a big fan of the Smuggler? Of all the characters in SWTOR, the Smuggler may be one of the most fun. The story is great, the dialogue is hilarious, and it’s a good time all around.

“If I die, I want to be buried with my ship!”

“I only work for one person: ME.”

Yes, the Smuggler has some of the best lines in the game. If you haven’t played through the Smuggler storyline yet, this might be a bit spoilery – but if you have, you’ll probably remember these moments as some of your favorites, too. It’s a fun mashup and it comes in under 15 minutes so it’s not like it’s going to take up your whole afternoon to give it a quick watch.

If you love the Smuggler, check out this fun video compilation of the best Smuggler lines in SWTOR:

There you have it! So, what did you think? Were your favorite Smuggler moments in there? Was anything missed? We’d love to know what you think and if you loved it, be sure to give it a share, or check out more videos by Morden Wex. Stay tuned here on our site for more fun videos, fan films, updates on Star Wars movies and games, and so much more. We love to be in the know so we can keep you in the know!

Lisa Clark

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