Exploring SWTOR’s Latest Update: Pits, Potes, and Skiffs

Exploring SWTOR’s Latest Update: Pits, Potes, and Skiffs

The latest update for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), titled Desperate Defiance, has introduced an exciting new area on Hutta called the Minboosa District. This update brings both visual enhancements and nostalgic references that fans of the Star Wars universe will appreciate.

The Minboosa District

A New Look for Hutta

The Minboosa District offers a fresh, smog-filled atmosphere compared to the earlier yellow cast areas of Hutta. The updated visuals make the planet feel even grittier and more immersive. The architecture of Minboosa shares similarities with Jiguuna, but with more densely packed buildings and towering structures like Tibanna gas refineries and landing platforms.

Cantina Neon Signs

A focal point of Minboosa is its cantina, featuring a holographic neon sign similar to the one in Jiguuna’s Poison Pit. However, this new sign incorporates traditional Aurebesh font and showcases a skiff, adding a unique twist to the design. The skiff design pays homage to the light, open-top repulsorlift vehicles from Return of the Jedi.

Neon sign with alien symbols inside futuristic room

Hidden References and Star Wars Lore

The team at Generic-Hero.com uncovered an interesting detail in the update. They found a series of interactive objects scattered around Minboosa that trigger lore-based holograms, providing players with deeper insights into the district’s history and its significance in the broader Star Wars universe. These holograms include messages from key figures and historical records, enriching the narrative experience for dedicated lore enthusiasts.

The Dirty Skiff

The cantina’s name, “The Dirty Skiff,” is likely a nod to the playful and sometimes bizarre Star Wars merchandise of the past. It evokes memories of the “Freeze Frame Action Slides” included with Star Wars action figures, which featured scenes from the movies. The name might also hint at Star Wars slang, adding another layer of depth for fans to enjoy.

Star Wars action figure and packaging with Jedi scene


What is the Minboosa District in SWTOR?

The Minboosa District is a new area introduced in the Desperate Defiance update on Hutta, featuring updated visuals and architecture.

What is unique about the cantina in Minboosa?

The cantina has a new neon sign with traditional Aurebesh font and a skiff design, different from the Poison Pit sign in Jiguuna.

What is the significance of the name “The Dirty Skiff”?

The name references nostalgic Star Wars merchandise and possibly Star Wars slang, adding a playful touch to the game’s lore.

What did Generic-Hero.com discover in the update?

They found interactive objects that trigger lore-based holograms, providing players with deeper insights into Minboosa’s history and significance.


The Desperate Defiance update for SWTOR enriches the game with new visuals, areas, and nostalgic references that enhance the overall experience. For a deeper dive into these updates and more hidden gems, be sure to check out the full article on Shintar’s blog.

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