The Samurai Mandalorian – A Star Wars Fan-Film

Here we go with another awesome Star Wars fan film. This one has a samurai so I was intrigued from the start. It’s short, has live actors, great costumes, and an interesting story. It clocks in under four minutes long so you’re not going to need to block out a lot of your day to give it a quick watch. It has great music, too, and they are in the very, very beautiful castle Schauenburg in Dossenheim, Germany. I would personally love to be able to see this castle and location for myself.

There’s an epic lightsaber battle, some beautiful shots of the sun setting and the scenery, mixed in with a great Samurai story as well. So go ahead and give it a few minutes and watch for yourself. Be sure to leave them a comment if you really liked it and maybe they’ll get around to making more for us.

See for yourself here:

And some credits:

A Star Wars short movie made by fans. We didn’t have much time to film and it was very cold xO But I’m proud to present you our little Star Wars cosplay short film – actually it’s more a trailer or a teaser than a complete film 😉 We filmed on the castle Schauenburg in Dossenheim, Germany. A big thank to the awsome cosplayers: Helltrox as Samurai Mando

Lisa Clark

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