The Guardian Says SWTOR Coming In November

SWTOR release date?

Such is the fervent desire among Star Wars and MMORPG players these days to find out when we’ll all be able to play SWTOR , that anyone with the actual release date for SWTOR could make an absolute fortune right now. So every time someone reports a date, or even a general time of the year as fact, we’re all bound to pounce on it and further fuel the rumour mill.

Today, that reporting body is the UK’s The Guardian newspaper – and despite the track-record of British newspapers in the past few months, we might actually be ready to believe their statement that “Star Wars: The Old Republic is set to launch on PC in November”.
That brave statement came at the end of an excellent article on Bioware, in which SWTOR director of production Dallas Dickinson explained why Bioware were brought on-board to build the game:

“We’ve been making RPGs for a number of years and we believe that every truly great RPG has four basic components: exploration, progression, combat and story… We think that if you have all four of those at a very high level of quality, that’s what creates the world’s great RPGs – the ones you come back to again and again. In the massively multiplayer space – we believe that so far one of those elements has been missing, and that’s story. Well, that’s what Bioware does – we create the world’s greatest story-driven games.””

Looking at the release schedule, common sense would suggest that Bioware might plump for the 22nd of November, with only Sonic Generations and WWE ’12 to contend with – and no real first person competition, whereas each of the other weeks features at least one headturning FP title. But at this stage, we’re still just guessing, and until Bioware release a concrete date, that’s all we can do.