PAX Schedule Released

So many good things are happening in gaming this year. It seems like we just saw the end of Comic Con and we are still sifting through all of the info that came out of it. Now the PAX schedule has been released by Penny Arcade.
This is great news for SWTOR fans, too because BioWare will be there with a TOR panel. Here is the schedule and info:
The master storytellers at BioWare and LucasArts have worked together to create an immersive experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Old Republic team will be in full force at PAX this year, with a new presentation showcasing the development and progress of this genre changing story-driven MMO! Expect new reveals, exclusive gameplay footage, and a Q&A with attendees. Join us!
The SWTOR show will take place on the last day of the event, bringing it all to a fun and exciting close and of course, we will be here to give you all the updates and news to come out of PAX.