Star Wars Fan Movie Best Comedy: “Solo Forever”

More news from the Star Wars Fan Movie Awards now, as we can announce the winner of the Best Comedy category to be filmmaker Trey Albright’s film Solo Forever. The Los Angeles-based waiter was presented the award by Lucasfilm and Atom at San Diego Comic-Con, and having watched this video a good few times now I whole-heartedly endorse the choice.

Solo Forever charts one fan’s attempts to break the cycle of addiction to his Star Wars toys, which brilliantly he draws on a parallel to class A drug abuse, via a Se7en reference or two and a genius Viking style sea-burial for his prized possession.
Watch it, love it, share it…

For anyone who missed the competition, here’s the low-down from the official Star Wars blog:

The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge is produced by a long-running partnership between Lucasfilm and Atom, to celebrate the best in fan made videos and animations. The winning entry each year is selected by Star Wars writer/director George Lucas, and the finalists are also posted online, where a worldwide body of viewers selects the Audience Choice Award.