Fortnite and Star Wars Collaboration

Fortnite Celebrates Star Wars Day 2024: All the Exciting Additions

Fortnite is set to celebrate Star Wars Day 2024 with an array of exciting new content and themed events, ensuring fans of the franchise have plenty to look forward to. Epic Games has gone all out this year, introducing new skins, weapons, and even a limited-time mode that pays homage to the iconic galaxy far, far away. Let’s explore everything that’s coming to Fortnite for Star Wars Day 2024.

New Skins and Cosmetics

Fortnite’s Star Wars Day celebration brings a collection of new skins and cosmetics, featuring beloved characters and new faces from across the saga:

Legendary Skins

  • Luke Skywalker: An older Luke as seen in “The Last Jedi”, complete with his lightsaber.
  • Rey: The Rise of Skywalker version of Rey, featuring her final yellow lightsaber.
  • Mandalorian: A new variant with upgraded armor from the latest season of the series.

Accessories and Emotes

  • X-wing Glider: Glide into battle with the iconic X-wing fighter.
  • Droid Back Blings: BB-8 and R2-D2 are available as back blings.
  • Lightsaber Pickaxes: Choose from various lightsabers, including Darth Vader’s, to use as your pickaxe.
  • Themed Emotes: Perform the Force push, or wield your lightsaber with unique new emotes.

Challenges and Rewards

To add to the excitement, Fortnite introduces a series of Star Wars-themed challenges that players can complete to earn exclusive rewards:


  • Piloting Prowess: Pilot an X-wing to shoot down TIE fighters spawning around the island.
  • Lightsaber Mastery: Eliminate opponents using the lightsaber pickaxes.
  • Droid Companion: Complete matches with a droid back bling equipped.


  • Exclusive Banners: Star Wars-themed banners for completing all challenges.
  • Emote Pack: Unlock a special emote for mastering the lightsaber challenges.

Limited-Time Mode: Galactic Battles

One of the most thrilling additions is the Galactic Battles mode, a limited-time event where players can engage in epic Star Wars-style confrontations:

Mode Features

Themed Environment Changes

Fortnite’s island will undergo transformations to mirror iconic Star Wars locations:

Environmental Updates


Fortnite’s celebration of Star Wars Day 2024 promises to be a memorable event for both Fortnite and Star Wars enthusiasts. With the introduction of new skins, challenges, and a specially themed game mode, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the spirit of Star Wars. Prepare your lightsabers and may the Force be with you on the island!

FAQs About Fortnite’s Star Wars Day 2024 Celebration

  1. How long will the Star Wars content be available in Fortnite?
  2. Can I keep the Star Wars skins and cosmetics after the event ends?
    • Yes, any skins and cosmetics you purchase or earn during the event will remain in your inventory permanently.
  3. Are there any special discounts on Star Wars skins during the event?
    • Epic Games often offers discounts during special events, so keep an eye out for potential savings on Star Wars skins.
  4. Will there be any real-time events or surprises?
    • Fortnite is known for its real-time events, so there might be surprises during the Star Wars Day celebrations.
  5. How can I access the new Galactic Battles mode?

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