New Darth Maul and Palpatine Skins for Battlefront II

New skins are here for Star Wars Battlefront II in the new update and this includes skins for Darth Maul and Palpatine. It’s the Battle on Scarif Update and it brings with it some new skins, namely for Darth Maul and Palpatine.

Additionally, Rey will be getting her yellow lightsaber and her hooded look while Kylo Ren will also get his own hooded look from the same film.

They are also adding in -game messaging for Damage Increase and this is explained here:

Damage Increase is messaged in-game in the same three elements as Damage Decrease:

Above Head: When looking at a friend or enemy, left of their health bar, an icon denoting damage increase will be shown for the duration of the effect

  • This icon is always red when looking at an enemy
  • You will only ever see the increase OR the decrease icon in this placement

Hit Indicator: When dealing damage to an enemy, the damage increase icon will animate out from your crosshair to denote that you dealt more than normal damage

Player Health: When looking at your own health bar at the bottom of your screen, icons will be shown to the left of your health number for the duration of any damage increase and/or damage decrease

  • You will see both the increase AND the decrease icon in this placement if you are affected by both simultaneously
  • The colors of these icons in this placement change to show the net effect:
  • You take more damage: Increase icon is red / Decrease icon is grey
  • You take less damage: Increase icon is grey / Decrease icon is yellow

They did an explosion damage reduction redesign which removes the two cases int he game. There are new Hero and Trooper appearances, and Heroes Vs. Villains will be receiving a new planet in April, as the battle between dark and light reaches the salty mineral planet of Crait. 

You can see everything else in the full release notes here.

Lisa Clark

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