Flashpoint Guide: Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky

The Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky

The Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky is one of the longest Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic where you’ll encounter 3 main bosses and 3 mini-bosses. Some of the bosses that you encounter are very easy and you’ll breeze through without any problem but some of others will be very difficult.

All of the players on your team should be at least a level 33 but your healer will have a hard time keeping up. Therefore, you may want this player on your team to have a higher level. Once you’ve assembled your team, you’re ready to head out and tackle the first boss.

First Boss: HXI-54 Juggernaut

The very first boss is HXI-54 Juggernaut with 56K HP and he has three mechanics you need to be aware of when fighting him. One of the mechanics will drop circles in different places on the ground. As long as you stay on the outside of the circles, you’ll be fine.

Rope Flung is the second mechanic and while it won’t cause a lot of damage, it can be annoying and interrupt your spells. The boss will use rope to randomly wrap a team member into a bundle and fling him across the room.

Energy Discharge is the third mechanic in which Juggernaut sends out a warning saying “HXI-54 Juggernaut begins to absorb energy from the generators!” When this happens, you’ll see one of the generators send out a boost of electricity to Juggernaut, an estimated 15 seconds later, you’ll hear “HXI-54 Juggernaunt prepares to discharge a torrent of energy!” After this warning, you need to be alert and stay away from the lighted areas to avoid taking on lots of damage.

Avoid these three mechanics while taking down Juggernaut and you’ll be ready to move on to the next boss.

Mini-Boss: Major Alvena

Major Alvena is a mini-boss that is not too hard to beat even though she has 42K HP. She will have two of the Republic Battledroids by her side that both have 13.6 K HP. To help take some of the pressure off your healer, use Crowd Control on the droids while using DPS on the boss. Once Major Alvena is dead, you can finish off the droids.

Mini-Boss: Sokan Do’Nair

After completing a bonus objective in which you kill 10 Jedis, you will come across the next mini-boss called Sokan Do’ Nair. He will have 2 of the Jedi healers by his side with a pushback that can be very rough on your healer, even though they are only 5K HP each. They need to be CC’ed or controlled to keep them from taking out your healer. The boss can also hit hard so don’t waste any time taking them all down. The easiest way to beat this boss is to CC or DPS each one of the Jedi Healers first and then tackle the boss with burn.

Mini-Boss: Lieutenant Menerus

The last mini-boss is Lieutenant Menerus and he won’t be a problem because it’s a lot like fighting one of the trash mobs. The only special mechanics he has is throwing circles out around ground. As long as you stay out of it, you’ve nothing to worry about.

Second Boss: Chief Engineer Kels

The second boss is Chief Engineer Kels and he has two 41 K HP Modified Assault Units with him. This boss has two mechanics. One is the reflective shield that he will use to protect himself and a droid. The second mechanic is when the reactor cores explode.

There are four reactor cores and every now and then you will receive an emote that tells you one of the reactor cores is going to release a pulse of radiation. As soon as you see this, you should get away from the affected reactor because when it explodes, it will do a lot of damage that can knock you back quite a ways.

During this fight, it’s best to go ahead and kill the two Assault Units first because they are melee and can be pulled back when the boss is ranged. If you kill them first, you won’t have to deal with them when the boss explodes the reactor cores. In addition, this makes it easier for you to take out the boss because you can concentrate all of your efforts on him.

Third Boss: Commander Jorland & Friends

The third and final boss will definitely test your skills because it’s one of the most challenging in this flashpoint. The boss will have 29K HP and he’ll have to adds with him. One of them is Security Chief Massey and the other one is Medical Officer Alon. They both have 29K HP, too just like Commander Jorland. The boss and his Medical Officer are ranged and the Security Officer is melee.

You can’t use CC on them because all three of them are immune and the Security Chief will place a reflective shield around the boss sending a part of the damage they take on back to whoever sent it. For this reason, it’s easier if you first target the medical officer while using interrupt on the heals with DPS. Next, go for the Security Chief and then the boss last.

Commander Jorland has an ability referred to as an Explosive Round in which he targets random members of your team often throughout the fight. This will do a lot of damage to the targeted player and anyone else within a 5-meter radius.

Keeping everyone spread out will minimize the damage but it can still be a hard hit simply because each round dishes out about 1K in damage. This ability will certainly keep the healers busy and deplete their resources. The only consolation is that when you die, you will respawn in an area that is real close to this boss, so that does make it a little easier.

Your healer’s skills will certainly be put to the test so it’s important to have an experienced healer on your team. You will do even better if your healers can also DPS. Even with the best healers, their resources will be depleted since everyone will receive a massive amount of damage during this battle very quickly. Therefore, they need to know how to manage their skills carefully.

If your healer has the biochem skill, he can give out med packs to the rest of the team members. This way they can use them to heal themselves when the healer is too busy to get to everyone or simply when he’s running out steam. Once your team takes down Commander Jorland & Friends, you have completed the Flashpoint Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky.

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