SWTOR Won’t have the Server Problems Battlefield 3 Had

There many good things to say about SWTOR but then again, there are skeptics, some with good reason to have concerns. One issue of importance was in regard to server problems but BioWare continues to reassure investors and players that this will not happen with SWTOR, set to launch 5 days before Christmas of this year.

The Old Republicordie tells us:

According to its game label head Frank Gibeau, while Battlefield 3 suffered technical difficulties specifically on EA servers’ inability to handle the amount of players trying to login with the game, “the same thing won’t happen” when SWTOR have its premiere launch this holiday.
This is precisely what many players were concerned with and what BioWare states they have been working hard to avoid at launch. It’s the reason they also said there would be a limited launch at start and why they have been working hard at other factors to ensure a smooth launch experience.
So why won’t the same thing happen with SWTOR? Well, Gibeau says that both games have different configurations and since SWTOR is a PC-only MMO, they will have full control over its launch situation, as compared to BF3 which launched to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 simultaneously.
Bioware CEO John Riccitello says:
“So our pre-order campaign is tailored towards how we’re going to do that. And we’re looking at a rollout plan that is fairly ambitious. We don’t feel like we’re going to be leading too much demand behind at launch but we definitely are going to be very cautious and thoughtful about how many people we bring on and in what order. It’s a very interesting proposition from that standpoint because you have the Star Wars brand that draws in a lot of people. And that is a good thing because we think we can sustain the business over a very long time as we grow.”

So while they are promising us there will be no launch delays or difficulties, do you believe them? Do you think it will be smooth-sailing on December 20th or will we run into problems with such an incredibly popular game?

Lisa Clark

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