Slot machines on “Star Wars” disappear from Las Vegas

Gambling enthusiasts planning a trip to Las Vegas will be met with a surprising change: the removal of slot machines themed after the original “Star Wars” trilogy from casinos. This decision has perplexed many in the industry, considering the franchise’s enduring popularity, bolstered by new movies in the trilogy and additional projects. 

The spokespersons for Penny Slot Machines suggested that the choice might result from the excessive demands of the franchise owners, leading the casinos in ‘Sin City’ to opt out of using the machines. Additionally, these machines might find their way into the Asian gambling market, with destinations like Macau or Singapore ready to invest heavily in acquiring advanced technologies and franchises.

Position of the owner

Yet, the situation might be more straightforward when considering who inherited the creative legacy of ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas. Disney, renowned for its emphasis on children and teenage audiences and the promotion of family values, finds gambling entirely incompatible with its ethos.

The company has consistently declared its intention to sever all ties between its franchises and gambling activities. As evidence, it cited Marvel Studios, another of its properties, which has stopped renewing contracts for using its intellectual property in gambling products. It is probable that Star Wars will adhere to a similar approach.

How soon will slot machines disappear from Vegas casinos?

“The games inspired by the original 1980s trilogy were appealing not just for their themes, but also for their engaging gameplay. This gameplay incorporated elements from all three parts of the iconic saga, including the chance to become a space fighter pilot and attempt to destroy the Death Star. These features made these machines some of the most popular games in Las Vegas casinos.

It’s probable that games themed on the trilogy and other Lucasfilm creations won’t vanish from the city’s gaming floors immediately, since halting production doesn’t restrict the use of existing machines. Moreover, the casinos possess numerous other slot machines based on this franchise, though they are not as popular.

According to the source, devotees of the ‘faraway galaxy’ and quality gambling will certainly still have options for a few years. Even if these games completely disappear, online slot machines themed on Star Wars are widely available in most online casinos. 

However, fans should brace for the reality that their beloved franchise is not only withdrawing from the gambling entertainment sector (especially in the U.S.), but is also becoming more family-focused, leading to inevitable changes.