Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky

Flashpoints of SWTOR: Boarding Party

The Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) flashpoint “Boarding Party” is a thrilling group content experience for players at the max level of the game. Set on the planet Taris, players must work together to infiltrate a Sith warship and disable its weapons systems before the ship can launch an attack on the Republic. Upon arriving on Taris, players are greeted by the Republic Special Forces, who provide the necessary intel and equipment for the mission. The flashpoint begins with players sneaking their way onto the Sith warship through the cargo hold, taking out any enemy guards they encounter along the way. Once inside the ship, players must navigate through tight corridors and defeat waves of Sith troops as they make their way to the weapons control room. Along the way, players may encounter mini-bosses and challenging enemy units that require coordination and strategy to defeat. One of the standout…

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Flashpoint Guide: Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky

The Boarding Party Dorin’s Sky is one of the longest Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic where you’ll encounter 3 main bosses and 3 mini-bosses. Some of the bosses that you encounter are very easy and you’ll breeze through without any problem but some of others will be very difficult. All of the players on your team should be at least a level 33 but your healer will have a hard time keeping up. Therefore, you may want this player on your team to have a higher level. Once you’ve assembled your team, you’re ready to head out and tackle the first boss. First Boss: HXI-54 Juggernaut The very first boss is HXI-54 Juggernaut with 56K HP and he has three mechanics you need to be aware of when fighting him. One of the mechanics will drop circles in different places on the ground. As long as you stay…

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