SWTOR Jedi and Sith Bundles on Steam

You can now get SWTOR Jedi and Sith bundles on Steam and they’re at a surprisingly low price so they won’t break the bank. This comes right after SWTOR was released on Steam, which has me SUPER excited because I play 90% of my games on Steam and I love having everything on one place (I have a library of over 500 games, including all the Star Wars games released to the platform).

Anyway, now you can also get the Jedi and Sith Bundles for added content and experience. Here’s what you get with each of these bundles.

Jedi Bundle:

  • The Valiant Armor Set
  • The Advanced Cloud Blue Eviscerating Crystal
  • The Tempted Apprentice Saber

Deluxe Jedi Bundle:

  • The Valiant Jedi Armor Set
  • The Sanctified Caretaker Armor Set
  • The Tempted Apprentice’s dualsaber
  • The Tempted Apprentice’s lightsaber
  • The Blademaster’s lightsaber
  • The Advanced Derelict-Purple Eviscerating Crystal
  • The Advanced Cloud Blue Eviscerating Crystal
  • The Ambassador’s Meditation Hoverchair

Sith Bundle:

  • Sith Raider Armor Set
  • Advanced Hot Orange Eviscerating Crystal
  • The Defiant Technographer’s Lightsaber

Sith Deluxe Bundle:

  • Sith Raider Armor Set
  • Exterminator Armor Set
  • Defiant Technographer’s Lightsaber
  • Derelict Lightsaber
  • Advanced Black-Red Striated Eviscerating Crystal
  • Advanced Hot Orange Eviscerating Crystal
  • Defiant Technographer’s Dualsaber
  • Dominator’s Command Throne

To get the SWTOR Steam bundles, you have to go to SWTOR on Steam page and open the store tab.

Next, add the items that you wish to buy to your shopping cart and that should take you to the checkout page.

If you have not downloaded SWTOR for your Steam account yet, you can just go to the SWTOR store link above and download it to your account. It will prompt you to log in your already-existing account (if you have one). It’s all very easy to set up.

From there, you can also purchase any of the new bundles you want. Again, it’s all very simple and it’s one of the many reasons I love having all my games on Steam.

If you want to learn more about the Jedi and Sith bundles on Steam and how to get them, Vulkk has a great guide here.

This guide will show you, with screenshots, every step of the process. He also has a lot of screenshots of the gear and items and what they look like if you want to see before you buy.


Lisa Clark

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